Sales Insights

Market trends, sales challenges and educational insight

This collection of articles outlines some of the key challenges faced by today’s global sales organizations and explores best-practice methodologies to address them.

5 Power Plays of an Audible-Ready SellerWhen an NFL quarterback calls an audible, he shifts his players to a new formation to better combat the defense. As an audible-ready seller, you have the knowledge and flexibility to do the same in your sales calls.

5 Priorities for Sales Talent ManagementEstablish a successful sales talent management strategy by focusing on these five priority areas.

Breakthrough Sales StrategiesLearn how sales organizations are using these breakthrough strategies to help their sales grow, even in a down economy.

Bringing the HeatFanning the flames of lagging sales? Focusing on the five fundamental, yet critical areas of sales effectiveness may be just what you need to jump-start your team’s performance.

CEO’s Want Better Sales ForcesRead our take on how to address the top four sales challenges CEO’s are facing.

Crafting Your MessageLearn how to answer the question, “What do you do” in a way that demonstrates your capabilities and uniqueness and prompts great follow up questions.

Influence Your Customer’s Decision Making CriteriaManaging Partner, John Kaplan, addresses ways to influence your customer’s decision criteria.

Overcome the Perception That Your Product is Too ExpensiveManaging Partner, John Kaplan, offers ways to help customers overcome the perception that your product is too expensive.

Seller Deficit DisorderBy asking the right questions and using those answers to frame the customer conversation, you can overcome the five top symptoms of Seller Deficit Disorder.

Customized Solution Offerings

“The Force Management approach is unique because it is very specifically tailored to a given company. They built a set of tools for us to use that were specifically tailored to us. It wasn’t a standard set of management scripts that are applied company by company down the street.”

- Mike McGuinness, VP of Worldwide Sales and Field Operations, Sophos