Enable The Buyer-Focused Sales Conversation

Equip your entire customer-facing organization to effectively create and capture value with their sales message.

We do more than train. We transform organizations.

Command of the Message® ensures sales teams can execute at the buyer-level, repeatedly.

Organizational Alignment
Ensure your entire organization is focused on buyer needs, value drivers, and desired outcomes.
Increase Average Deal Size
When your sales teams shifts from selling product features to solving business challenges, they’ll see larger deals repeatedly.


Improve Quota Attainment
Enable your sales managers to get more out of "B" performers by giving them the tools, processes and content to improve sales results. 


Move Buyers to Take Action
Effectively differentiate against competitors, including “do nothing” and “do it internally.”


Force Management’s Award-Winning Approach

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Customized and Relevant

This isn’t your average B2B sales training.

We aren’t off-the-shelf. We make it our mission to fully understand your business. Our programs are highly customized so they’re relevant to your industry, buyers and organizational structures.

Why Sales Messaging Transforms Organizations

Build a sales force that closes larger deals. The ROI of Sales Messaging eBook provides best practices for an audible-ready sales force and shares stories of companies who took on the initiative.

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Focused on Adoption and Reinforcement

Guarantee Results in Your Organization.

Our methodology and B2B messaging framework drives adoption at the beginning, ensuring concepts are continually reinforced. Our on-demand engagement platform establishes a place where reps, managers, and leadership gain real-time access that provides continuous learning.

An On-Demand Digital Content Hub that Accelerates Adoption

Ascender® is a mobile application and engagement platform that accelerates adoption by giving your reps, managers and executives 24-7 access to content, tools and resources that support your engagement.

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Build Alignment with our Process

You can’t get there without it.

The only way to guarantee your organization can execute with the buyer is to demand marketing, product, services, etc… are all on the same page. Our most successful clients have cross-functional alignment. No matter how disjointed you are now, our process will get your teams in sync.
Watch the video and hear from our customers how we drive alignment across the organization. 

Understand Your Investment

It’s tough to say exactly how much a sales initiative costs because there are several factors that contribute to it, as well as several that will lower the cost. We're here to help you understand your investment, and transform your business.

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What Command of the Message Enables

Reignite your experienced team members, while giving needed structure to your newer salespeople.
Execute discovery in order to uncover compelling business pain
Structure a sales conversation in a way that focuses on value
Repeatedly gain access to key decision makers
Align differentiation with what’s important to the buyer
Identify gaps within an opportunity early in the process

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“We implemented Force Management’s Command of the Message® and MEDDPICC. Since then, we've seen a tremendous growth to our average deal sizes. Our average revenue per account has increased almost 4x."

Judson Griffin, Head of North America & APAC Sales

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Our Process Makes Us Different.

Our experience ensures results.

Align and Embed

1. Align and Embed

Every Command of the Message engagement begins with a discovery phase. Just like in a sales process, our project team gathers the insights needed about your company, organizational structure, products, industry, and buyers. We will assess how your revenue teams are articulating value and differentiation now, and where the gaps are in the customer engagement process.  The output of this stage is our Value Messaging Framework, and the work here ensures all deliverables are fully customized and aligned to your needs. 

You play an integral role in ensuring that we gather the needed information from your internal players and your customers to ensure that your Command of the Message program is customized to your organization. 

In this phase, your teams gain access to Ascender®, which will provide them with daily content and regular live events that focus on qualification and value-based selling best practices.


2. Deliver

When we launch the program to the sales organization, we train your cross-functional teams on communicating value and differentiation in a way that moves your buyers to action. Our delivery approach is focused on making the concepts practical and based on real-world selling scenarios. Concepts will be immediately applied after training. Additional reinforcement and training pre-work is managed through Ascender, our sales acceleration platform. 


3. Sustain

This step is one area where our customers see the Force Management difference most often. We ensure that the desired behaviors are adopted in the short-term and sustained in the long-term, resulting in the necessary ROI for the initiative.

Our methodology focuses on adoption from the start so immediately after training, your leadership teams, managers and reps understand the critical activities they need to do to leverage Command of the Message in their work environments. All of our engagements are powered by Ascender, our sales acceleration platform. All participants have access to the daily content, ongoing curriculum, community and live events to help keep best practices top of mind and drive consistent reinforcement.

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This Isn’t Your Average Sales Initiative

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