Taking Command: How On-Demand Technology
Drives Adoption of Sales Methodologies

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To inspire your sellers to embrace new sales methodologies and execute them well in the field, you're going to need more than just sales training. You’ll need to enable your sellers digitally – in a way that allows them to learn, practice and master concepts. The content should be available for the sellers whenever they need it, on whatever device they prefer to use. 

In this eBook, we've outlined what it takes to drive rapid, consistent adoption of sales methods across your entire team and why technology will play a big role in your team's success: 

You'll learn how to:

  • Make digital content the backbone of your change initiative
  • Provide sellers with mobile, on-demand, 24/7 content – when and where they need it
  • Equip front-line sales managers to coach and inspect their team’s growth and success


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Read what it takes to drive rapid, consistent adoption of sales methods across your entire team and why technology will play a big role in your team's success: 

You'll learn how to:

  • Make digital content the backbone of your change initiative
  • Provide sellers with mobile, on-demand, 24/7 content – when and where they need it
  • Equip front-line sales managers to coach and inspect their team’s growth and success

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1. Digital Content: The Backbone of Change Management

When it comes to accelerating adoption of sales methods and achieving long-term sales growth, the organizations that nail it are the ones that invest the necessary time, energy and resources to get the critical elements of change management right.

First, you'll have to inspire your sellers to embrace your sales methodologies. Then you'll have to support them in putting those methodologies to work; and that's going to require more than just sales training. 

Regardless of the methodology you’re launching or the approach you take, the engagement platform you use to deliver relevant content to your sales team will be a critical element of your team’s success. As a sales leader you owe it to your sales organization to identify and invest in the digital platform that will ensure accelerated adoption of methodologies and yield long-term, consistent sales growth.

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2. Think Mobile, On-Demand, 24/7

The right digital content platform – the kind that propels your team and your revenue – is a sales enablement and training ecosystem that’s in place when and where you and your team need it. It meets your sellers where they are, in the field, 24/7. It’s on-demand technology. It’s on-demand content that informs and prepares your sellers to be their best and to grow so your revenue numbers grow, too. It makes learning sticky.

On-demand digital content hubs are integral to the sales enablement and training platforms of top-performing sales organizations. This is how heads of sales at successful organizations ensure that everyone on the team understands the sales methods and can implement them over and over again for consistent results and measurable success.

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3. Engagement Management for Coaching, LMS for Compliance

Of course, you’ve heard of an LMS. Lots of companies have them. If you have an LMS platform, it’s likely managed by  Human Resources and is used to link all employees to important reference documents, information and training.

What your LMS is made for:

Companies use their LMS to provide training on company policies and federally-mandated employment laws. An LMS makes things - like executing a new employee checklist, viewing a message from the CEO or checking your payroll or benefits status - easier for the whole company.  But it’s mostly built for access and compliance with company and legal content requirements.

What your LMS is not made for: 

If you’re a sales leader who’s launching a new sales methodology and you’re responsible for leading your entire sales organization to success, you’ll need a different kind of learning platform - one that focuses more on comprehension and coaching than compliance. You’ll need a system that has engagement, teaching, coaching and application built into it’s DNA.

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4. Digital Content Elevates How Sellers Learn

Most sellers are supportive of your methodologies and sales goals. After all, everyone in a sales organization wants the same thing, and that’s sales growth. But here’s the thing, and you know it: sellers are busy selling. That’s what they want to do. Close deals.

Every hour they spend on training or learning new methods or fine-tuning their approach is an hour they aren’t selling.

That’s why a digital content hub is so important. It provides content that is customized for sellers, so that they can access it anywhere, any time, on whichever device is most handy. It’s valuable to them and to your organization. Think about how you can meet sellers where they are – in every sense – from where they are in their career and learning curve to where they are physically at any given time of their day.

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5. Equipping Managers to Coach

A front-line manager's ability to provide timely, focused feedback is powerful. When sellers engage with the right training platform, they provide their managers with valuable insights that can be used to help managers coach their teams to success.

Sharing Best Practices

Giving sales managers access to their sellers’ learning provides them with reinforcement tools across their teams. For instance, a manager might circulate a well-done sales pitch video to the wider team so everyone can learn from best practices and execution. This is great step towards building team consistency around value-based sales messaging. 

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6. Meet Ascender Plus®

Force Management’s On-Demand Customer Engagement Management System

At Force Management, our answer to driving sales methodology adoption through technology and digital content
is Ascender Plus®. It’s a turnkey mechanism to drive adoption and sustainability around sales initiatives.
It provides companies the digital technology Ascender laptop mockupbackbone to engage with Force Management at all stages of the sales transformation journey. Ascender Plus offers:

  • Flexibility by supporting reinforcement and coaching between sellers, managers and Force Management, online and via mobile devices
  • Actionable insights by offering visibility into the performance and engagement of the sales organization
  • Increased Lifetime Value by driving higher adoption and better execution of methodologies into the day-to-day sales rhythm with consistently updated content and courses that remain relevant to sellers’ needs.

Ascender Plus Capabilities at a Glance:  

  • Reps get access to easily consumable reinforcement content that goes beyond traditional courses to help address topical challenges related to sales execution
  • Our Elite Selling™ Curriculum ingrains foundational sales skills that support individual success and career progression with certifications in topics like Prospecting, MEDDICC Qualification and Sales Planning
  • Reps engage and network with like-minded sales professionals in online forums, discussions and live events with sales experts, providing a network of support for morale and professional development

The power of Ascender Plus comes in the form of custom content – wherever your sellers are, wherever they go and whenever they want to access it. It’s a mobile application built to support the development, accelerated adoption and reinforcement of Force Management’s sales methodologies.

Force Management On-Demand is how we communicate and collaborate with our clients and they with us – before, during and after engagements. It’s more than a one-way, compliance-centric tool. Rather, engagement is built into its DNA. It engages each member of the sales organization as a learner.


7. Prioritize Comprehension to Drive Adoption & Reinforcement

Ascender Plus is not a Learning Management System – and your technology shouldn’t be either. It’s not competing with or trying to replace LMS technologies. Rather, Ascender Plus is a pre-built, pre-loaded ecosystem for development, delivery and adoption of Force Management’s core methodologies. It’s turnkey. All of the content is readily available, 24/7.

Ascender is built to deliver predictable, reliable and consistent results. One of the ways it does this is by meeting sellers where they are in their overall learning as well as their learning of a particular concept. Courses aren’t generic, but rather are customized to the seller. Courses are assigned based on the learning curve: awareness, proficiency and mastery. Additionally, managers can assign content to individual sellers, based on the skills they need to develop for success.

Allowing your managers to learn and coach, and allowing your sellers to learn and apply, makes all the difference for organizations looking to adopt, reinforce and excel in launching new sales methodologies. Check out what one of our clients has to say.

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8. Brace Yourself for Results

When you use technology and digital content to power up your sales trajectory, brace yourself for the results. The possibilities are huge. With the right technology platform there’s a big difference in the success of your sales adoption and transformation versus one without. 

 Chart Ascender Plus Ebook

Sales transformation and accelerated adoption are about putting together people and technology. You have digital content that serves as the backbone of your entire organization – reinforcing your sales culture and methodology and giving sellers the practical tools that they can use each and every day in the field. That’s how you speed up the adoption of sales methodology – and achieve faster, repeatable results. That’s how you take command of your sales trajectory now and year after year.

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Accelerate Sales Adoption & Drive Growth 

Ascender accelerates adoption by giving your reps, managers and executives 24-7 access to content, tools and resources that support your engagement. One of biggest roadblocks to sales success is the ability for leaders to reinforce concepts, while trying to hit their revenue numbers. That's why we built this platform to provide short, practical learning opportunities that drive results.

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