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Webinar | Selling and Negotiating on Value

Selling and Negotiating on Value LP

Salespeople skilled at selling and negotiating value are the foundation of a successful sales organization. Many people talk about the concept, but few leaders can actually operationalize it within the day-to-day rhythm of their teams. 

What does it look like when your company is aligned on the process and can execute it repeatedly? 

Learn from two leaders who have helped organizations do just that. Joe Marcin, Senior Vice President of Global Sales at ClickSoftware joins Senior Partner, Tim Caito for a frank discussion on how you get it right as a sales leader. We'll cover: 

  • Key steps to leading from the front and creating consistency throughout your organization
  • How to build cross-functional alignment in a way that supports the sales force
  • Aligning the internal conversations you have around opportunities with the external conversations you have with customers

Tim and Joe will run through their tried and tested points-of-view and the changes you may want to consider in your own sales organization. 

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