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We know that lots of people play important roles in making the SKO a success, so we've included tools and worksheets to help you drive alignment during the planning process.

And of course, there are the things you don't want to do. Make sure you understand the most common mistakes that sales teams make in planning their SKO and review our answers to the Top 10 SKO questions we get asked most often.  

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Setting Objectives for Your SKO

If you’ve been in sales for longer than five minutes, you know that the sales kickoff meeting is a yearly tradition of many B2B sales organizations. The event is one of the few, if not the only, times that the entire sales organization comes together to align on what’s ahead for the upcoming year.

If you add up all the factors at play for a sales kickoff – time away from sales activities for salespeople, the cost of flying everyone to one location, venue and catering costs, these events also come with a hefty budget. High dollars mean there’s a lot of stake, which demands you have clear objectives for the sales kickoff. Below are a few things to factor into setting clear objectives for your next sales event.


Planning a SKO that Makes a Difference

Our frequently asked questions about planning a successful SKO. Get answers to some of the following questions: How do you get quick buy-in/build energy with a group of skeptical people? How do you prioritize items on the agenda? Should we plan for more or fewer presenters? What non-sales and sales supporting roles should be invited to the SKO? How can we balance team building (aka entertainment) with learning? 


Top Mistakes When Planning SKOs

The sales kickoff meeting is the yearly tradition in many sales organizations. They've been happening for decades. Some of them are legendary and you've probably shared a story or two with your colleagues about what happened when. "We were in Las Vegas around 2001. The meeting ended around 5 and then we went out...." Yeah, we've heard that one too.

Jokes aside, the sales kickoff is often the one chance sales leaders have to get the momentum going at the beginning of the fiscal year. Past quarters are behind us and the SKO is a time to start fresh, right the course and chart the path towards increased sales productivity and revenue.


Launching a SKO That Will Move the Needle

If you're like most sales organizations, you are earmarking a hefty budget for next year's sales kickoff. How effective these events are depends on the sales organization, the structure of the event and the commitment of leadership to ensure that it's an event that actually helps to move the needle.

One of the most critical factors of the event's success comes down to a leader’s role in championing and enabling the team. As a leader, you may not be responsible for the event's execution, but you are responsible for equipping your people to execute successfully.


Converting Skeptics at Your SKO

We're frequently asked about how to present Sales Kickoff content in a way that diminishes the amount of skepticism in the room. We put that question to some of our expert facilitators who often deal with a lot of skepticism when they're helping sales leaders drive change. Since, many of you are about to launch your sales kickoffs, I've summarized their advice. This list may help you craft a few talking points for your virtual or in-person event.

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