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WEBINAR: Boosting the Performance of Your Sales Organization

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Elite sales performance requires a resilient sales team.

There are two ways to make sure your sales team is prepared to execute:

  1. Ensure you have organizational alignment around buyer value and solution differentiation
  2. Operationalize that agreement by rolling out a sales initiative that sticks 

Build a resilient sales organization without rolling the dice. Leave no question about whether new behaviors/processes/methodologies will stick. Ensure they do. Define your plan to build a resilient sales team. Create a strong foundation for success by fostering a culture of buyer alignment and ensuring consistent answers to key questions.

In the webinar John Kaplan and Dave Davies cover:

  • How to build a culture of buyer alignment in your organization
  • Four key questions everyone in your company should have consistent answers to and how to execute based on those answers
  • The process that changes sales behaviors and drives long-term adoption
  • What other companies are doing to reinforce behaviors virtually

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