How to Scale Product-led Growth

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150% Increase in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) over a Two-year Period

In a conversation with John Kaplan, Segment's Chief Revenue Officer, Joe Morrissey shares how a value-based sales motion helped scale their organization’s product-led growth (PLG) success, increasing ARR by 150% over a two-year period.

The Product-led Growth Era

When aiming to scale PLG success, at some stage company leaders focus on evolving their go-to-market motion, John and Joe discuss those shifts.

  • The common, company-wide benefits and challenges of scaling PLG success.
  • How to scale PLG success and support the sales motion.
  • When to invest in go-to-market distribution and customer success.

Implementing a Value Framework

With various sales execution challenges to consider, John and Joe discuss why implementing a Value Framework is key to ensuring sales growth.

  • Making the shift to selling on value versus features and functions.
  • How to enable a clear focus for product and engineering teams.
  • How a value framework helps companies improve retention and expansion rates.

Capturing Alignment

John and Joe talk through why it’s critical to capture commitment for your initiative from board members and cross-functional leaders.

  • The key challenges of driving a company-wide initiative.
  • Key ways to capture cross-functional participation and alignment.
  • The benefits of getting clarity around solution value and differentiation.

Product and Go-to-market Success

Segment’s tremendous growth is an example of what it takes from C-suite executives, board leaders and companies as a whole to scale PLG success.

  • $3.2B acquisition by Twilio
  • 150% growth in ARR over a two-year period
  • Increased efficiency in Product and Customer Success

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