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Leading Through Seasons of Growth

Seasons of Growth Webinar LP Banner

When you’re trying to grow and scale a company, you need alignment, strategy and a great product that solves business problems. Growth is not a one and done endeavor. It’s a continuous push. For leaders, the challenge often lies in maneuvering through the seasons of growth – things like funding rounds, market dynamics, and increased market share.

What happens when you meet or exceed those aggressive growth goals? What’s next? 

In this on-demand webinar, John Kaplan explores the crucial aspects of leading a technology company through different seasons of growth. Gain valuable insights on what happens after meeting or exceeding aggressive growth goals and discover how technology executives can effectively navigate and lead their companies.

You’ll learn: 

  • How your focus on sales effectiveness changes startup to foundation to expansion stage
  • How you can ensure you have the right people in place to grow 
  • What you need from your reps and leaders as you maneuver through growth stages