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On-Demand Webinar | Taking Command

How to link content with technology to drive adoption success

Taking Command CC Webinar OD LP

When it comes to accelerating adoption of sales methods and achieving long-term sales growth, the organizations that nail it are the ones that invest the time, energy, and resources to get the change management right.

That means thinking through how you are set up to continually reinforce new concepts and processes.  As a sales leader, you owe it to your managers and reps to meet them where they are and make the content as easy to consume as possible. By aligning your sales adoption plans with technology, you can create a seamless and effective process to sustain long-term sales growth.

We've helped countless sales leaders ensure they are linking content with technology in a way that drives adoption success. Watch Matt Jordan, our head of Product Development as he shares critical elements that drive results for our most successful clients. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The three must-haves for successful sales adoption plans
  • How to set up your digital content for success
  • How to ensure your adoption technology platform delivers results 

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