CEOs and sales leaders are revising sales plans, facing heavy-hearted decisions, and doing what
they can to maintain momentum in uncertain times. Through all of their actions one thing is certain: being competitive today is crucial to surviving tomorrow.

Sales leaders around the world are making decisions on ways to keep their sales reps productive in this virtual environment. That being said, what are you doing to maintain momentum, differentiate your solutions and increase your competitive edge? Until we reach the light at the other end of the tunnel, use these resources to increase your ability to compete.


Get Busy: Respond to Unforeseen Circumstances

"As leaders, I think the first thing we do in times of crisis is to get our arms around our people. Then get busy."

John Kaplan shares 'Spirit' around getting busy in uncertain times. He explains how confidence is highly related to fear, doubt and action. When fear sets in, doubt rises, actions cease and confidence plummets. Read the blog to understand how you can take this time to make effective change in your organization, prepare for the turnaround and get busy.


Align With Your Buyer’s Changing Needs

Every company needs to have alignment around the answers to the Essential Questions. In this episode, John Kaplan talks through how you can use our concept of the Essential Questions to align with your buyer and address your customer’s evolving challenges.


Five Ways To Help Reps Focus on Selling Value

While we all struggle to maintain momentum, it can be a challenge when circumstances are changing daily. Yet, right now, sales leaders are making decisions on ways to keep their sales reps productive in this economic environment. The organizations that will succeed are the ones that can focus their reps on selling value. Here are five ways you can enable managers and reps to articulate value in every sales conversation.


Reframe Your Buyer Message


Drive Engagement in Virtual Sales Training

How well are your managers and sales teams responding to virtual training sessions? Are they embracing virtual better than ever before? In the virtual environment it is crucial that sales leaders ensure the same level of outcomes as these would drive in face-to-face interactions. Here are the best practices we use to drive successful virtual engagements and maintain momentum with our clients:



Sales Leadership: Play the Long Game

Making an impact right away in a new sales leadership role is important. Along the way, don't forget to keep an eye on the long game.  Are there things you can consider now that will enable you and your organization to succeed in 2021 and beyond? Launch your favorite podcast player to listen or download the episode now to save it for later.

You still have numbers to hit.
You need a way to do it.

While we all struggle to maintain momentum, it can be a challenge without effective messaging and sales enablement processes in place. Our Sales Productivity Methodology moves the needle.