Improve Qualification and Revenue Predictability

Equip your entire customer-facing organization to efficiently qualify, progress and close sales opportunities.

Get your teams working smarter and faster.

Ensure everyone knows their role and masters the hand-off to the next department.

Defined Accountabilities
Ensure everyone knows who does what when, and is accountable for the result. 
When your account teams speak the same language, everyone understands how to qualify a deal and what it takes to move to the next stage. 


Improved Deal Velocity
When everyone knows their job and what’s required, your deals move forward more efficiently.


Revenue Predictability
Build confidence in the forecast with a predictable process.


Proven Methodology

The MEDDICC methodology cuts down on the confusion of deal qualification, creating consistency in the sales process and driving revenue.

Top Sales Organizations & Command of the Sale® Success


Customized and Relevant

A sales execution plan based on your buyers.

Build a B2B sales process and qualification structure that’s aligned to how your buyers make decisions.

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Accurately Predict Revenue

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He covers key steps that will help you improve your sales
qualification process across your sales organization and for the long term. 

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The Tools to Reinforce

Equip a team of coaches  

Our methodology plans for adoption at the beginning, ensuring your managers know how to find opportunity gaps early in the forecast, which improves qualification and overall process efficiency.

An On-Demand Digital Content Hub that Accelerates Adoption

Ascender® is a mobile application and engagement platform that accelerates adoption by giving your reps, managers and executives 24-7 access to content, tools and resources that support your engagement.

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Ensure Alignment in Sales Execution

You need it to be efficient.

The only way to guarantee a sales process that does what you need it to do, is to ensure your entire company understands their roles and accountabilities they are responsible for along the way. This cross-functional alignment will get you the results you need, repeatedly.

The Command of the Sale Focus

Work back from what’s most important for your customer and
ensure your teams improve deal velocity and predictability.
Gain a comprehensive understanding of how to align sales activities with complicated buying processes
Define customer outcomes to move an opportunity forward
Inspect, dissect and analyze current pipeline opportunities to determine what's needed to improve qualification
Understand when to walk away from the opportunity

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"Our sales athletes began to truly focus on asking great discovery questions and making sure they were performing thorough business assessments. That shift made it so much easier to drive value-based conversations and truly understand the size of the business problems we were solving. From there, we could start to differentiate not only what we sold, but how we sold it – and command a premium on our deals.”

Joe Marcin, Senior VP Global Sales

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This isn’t a Cookie-Cutter Sales Approach

The Process that Ensures Results

Align and Embed

1. Align and Embed

Our Command of the Sale methodology starts with discovery, so we can align and embed a solution that will help your company reach the desired outcomes. We will assess how the sales process is working now, how your buyers engage with your organization and important marketplace dynamics that impact your customer engagement process. The output of this stage ensures all deliverables are fully customized and aligned to your needs.

In this phase, your teams gain access to Ascender®, which will provide them with  daily content and regular live events that focus on qualification and value-based selling best practices.


2. Deliver

When we launch the program to the sales organization, we train your cross-functional teams on aligning your sales process to how your customers buy. We roll out the customized tools that will drive execution in the sales organization.

Our delivery approach is focused on making the concepts practical and based on real-world selling scenarios. Concepts will be immediately applied after training. Additional reinforcement and training pre-work is managed through Ascender, our sales acceleration platform. 

Brian in Delivery

3. Sustain

This step is one area where customers see the Force Management difference play out in their results. we ensure that the desired behaviors are adopted in the short-term and sustained in the long-term, resulting in the necessary ROI for the initiative.

Our methodology focuses on adoption from the start so immediately after training, the entire company is aligned on the critical steps for sales execution.

All of our engagements are powered by Ascender, our sales acceleration platform. All participants have access to the daily content, ongoing curriculum, community and live events to help keep best practices top of mind and drive consistent reinforcement.


This Isn’t Your Average Sales Initiative

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