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Land and Expand: How to Develop a Strategy that Works

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Avoid the Land-and-Expand Pitfalls That Cripple Sales Revenue Profits

A land and expand sales strategy can drive great value if executed properly. Too often, however, sales organizations are unable to move from just "getting in the door" to closing deals that make meaningful revenue impact.

 The key to success lies in equipping your reps with the ability to create value for customers. Watch this on-demand webinar to gain valuable insights on how to avoid the common pitfalls that hinder sales revenue and profits in a land and expand sales strategy as we explore the following topics:

  • Why your current strategy isn’t working and how to change it
  • How to enable your reps to get beyond the technical buyer
  • How to develop a process for capturing value in customer accounts
  • How your reps can enable champions to expand the business

Don't miss this opportunity to optimize your land and expand strategy and maximize your sales outcomes. 

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