The Brandon Burlsworth Story

A Lesson in Being Uncommon

A Lesson in Perseverance

Our latest podcast tells the uncommon story of Brandon Burlsworth. Told in the movie Greater, Brandon's life was one of grit, dedication and hard work. He is one of the most famous walk-ons in college football history. His story ended in tragedy, but it's how he lived his life that provides lessons for all of us. Brandon went from a walk-on freshman football player at the University of Arkansas to become a 1st-Team All American, who was drafted into the NFL by the Indianapolis Colts.

It's estimated that only 2% of walk-ons make the NFL. How do they do it? It's a dedication to become elite. While Brandon's story is incredibly unique, it provides an example for us all on how hard work, great coaching, and a commitment to excellence provides incredible outcomes. It's a compelling story that's worth sharing with your team. 

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A running theme in Brandon's story is that anyone can become elite at what they do when they dedicate themselves to achieving that goal. What sets apart the best from the rest is motivation and effort. Meet your salespeople where they are and find ways to boost their motivation around improving skill sets and performance. Support your managers in coaching critical sales fundamentals and improving seller engagement. Here are some resources to help:

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