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Navigating Sales Success in
Economic Change

We get it, it’s hard out there right now. Buyer organizations have more stringent deal requirements and are unlikely to pull the trigger unless an initiative clearly impacts their bottom line.

Hear from revenue leaders about how they’re preparing to come out on top – by utilizing value-based messaging, rigorous qualification and technology to drive revenue.

    Value-Based Messaging

    Value-Based Messaging

    The inside out approach

    Knowing how to shift your sales message to what’s important to your buyer is critical to sustainable success. Empower your managers and reps to clearly communicate the value your solution provides when times change.

    • Structure a sales conversation that focuses on value
    • Align differentiation with what’s important to the buyer
    • Repeatedly gain access to key decision makers

    Looking to drive predictable revenue? Enable a buyer-focused sales conversation.

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    Rigorous Qualification

    Rigorous Qualification

    Increase win rates with MEDDICC

    What a great deal looks like may have changed in the past year. Get tight with your definition of which deals you want, then drive rigorous qualification with a customized approach to MEDDICC to ensure your reps are spending time in deals that matter the most. Maximizing every lead during the economic downturn is key to continuously hitting your goals.

      • Drive consistent discovery and qualification 
      • Define the key components of a successful sales cycle
      • Customize each element of your qualification criteria

    Looking to drive predictable revenue? Get your reps laser-focused with MEDDICC

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    Increase ROI with Technology

    Increase ROI with Technology

    Messaging & deal qualification

    In this economic environment, fueling sales efficiency matters.  Ensure adoption of your methodologies and multiply the power of deal data with technology. See gaps in deals that weren’t noticed before, chart the buyer organization to gain influence, and maximize the benefit of opportunity coaching. Ensure consistency across every opportunity for more consistent results.

      • Ensure consistent application of the methodology
      • Help sellers assess their position within active opportunities
      • Enable managers to coach sellers on effective qualification 

    Looking to drive predictable revenue? Drive ROI with Opportunity Manager® Salesforce Integration.

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    5 Ways to Drive Revenue Predictability

    Predictable revenue is your most powerful tool against economic uncertainty. We’ve identified 5 leadership actions that have driven repeatable revenue for high-growth sales organizations in a down market. Get their strategies.

    Leadership Playbook | Navigating Sales Success in Economic Change

    A playbook to drive predictable revenue in 5 key ways.

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