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Your Next Sales Kickoff

Five Mistakes for Sales Leaders to Avoid

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Somebody at your company is tackling a big job – planning your next sales kickoff meeting. Even with the right intentions, goals can be missed as deadlines grow closer and planning progresses at an insane pace. 

A great SKO requires choreography and precision around critical elements that predict success. Whether you’re involved in the strategy, planning or execution of your SKO, this on-demand webinar will help. 

Force Management’s Senior Partner Dave Davies shares the 5 most important elements of a successful sales kickoff. 

You’ll learn: 

  • The Top 5 Mistakes Companies Make in Planning An SKO
  • How to define the critical path for success, so you won’t be forced to compromise
  • How to align your SKO content with what’s next for your growth strategy

With the knowledge shared in this on-demand webinar, you'll be equipped to orchestrate a meticulously choreographed and impactful sales kickoff that sets the stage for your team's future achievements.