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ON-DEMAND WEBINAR | Sales Negotiation
and Your Internal Process

On-Demand Negotiation Balancing Act Webinar Banner Graphic

Salespeople balance two sides in every customer negotiation - the negotiation with the actual customer and the internal process that happens in their own company when a deal is nearing its close. 

Often, it's the internal process that is the more difficult of the two. And, it's crippling your sales teams. 

Why do organizations do this to themselves? 

There's a better way. 

Hear Force Management's Tim Caito walk through how he's helped top companies streamline their internal processes so they can focus more on their customer. Tim covers: 

  • How to make sales negotiation an organizational competency and drive accountability into other departments
  • The process for aligning multiple internal functions (legal, finance, account management)
  • How to lower the internal burden on your salespeople so they can effectively preserve margin and value in the final deal.

By implementing Tim Caito's proven strategies, organizations can overcome the challenges of their internal processes, empowering their sales teams to navigate negotiations more smoothly and effectively.

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