A defined negotiation strategy is a critical component to an organization’s success. Is negotiation in your organization viewed as a one-time, tactical event at the end of the sales cycle? Or, is it a part of a larger strategy driven by the value you provide to your customer? More importantly, are you confident you have a widely accepted, formal definition of what determines a great deal for your company?

For many organizations, the idea of a great deal more closely resembles a moving target rather than a defined bull’s-eye. Moving targets are very difficult to hit! The best negotiation strategies are about implementing a common framework for negotiation across your entire organization and getting credit for the value your solutions create in the marketplace.


Why Your Negotiation Process Isn't Working

There isn’t a company leader out there that believes his/her team has crafted a perfect negotiation strategy. Most organizations know their approach to customer negotiations could probably use some work. In a fast-paced selling environment, competitors are constantly pushing new solutions and “incentives” at customers, and those same customer’s demanding more “value” every day. You can’t afford to rely on an average approach to sales negotiation. You’ve got to get it right on every deal from the start of the sales process. 


How Sales Leaders Can Improve Negotiation

A great sales process should include a great negotiation strategy - one that helps professional buyers fully understand the value and differentiation of each option.  And one that helps them make the best decisions for their company.  As a sales leader, you need to enable your team to prove the fit and justify the value of your offering in a way that allows you to preserve margin and charge a premium for your product and services. Behind every great deal that closes, there’s a great sales leader who is focused on aligning a negotiation strategy around key best practices. 


Building Cross-Functional Alignment


Sales Negotiation Tools that Work

An effective sales negotiation process leverages the value and differentiation of your company’s offerings, creates alignment across internal departments and provides sellers with a repeatable framework to use successfully in the field.



Our Approach to Sales Negotiation Training

It is our belief that in order for a sales negotiation training to be effective, it has to be meant for salespeople and any other customer-facing role. An effective negotiation process provides a structure that creates and captures value, and gives your teams the ability to execute repeatedly. 


Value Negotiation: Success Stories

You're not negotiating hostages or trying to buy a used car. You're trying to close large deals that preserve margin, grow value & enhance ongoing relationships. That’s why a methodology that focuses on sales creates measurable results for companies. Learn how Value Negotiation created measurable results for Zendesk and ClickSoftware. 


When you put a process behind the end-game, you will create repeatable success. Positioning value with the customer from the start will drive consistency and successful sales negotiations in your organization.

If you're satisfied with the status quo, you can hold tight to the old-school tactics, but you'll be left with one-off success. If you want to consistently win great deals, preserve margins and frankly, make your sales leader role a lot easier, put a repeatable process in place. 




Negotiation Skills and Tools that Make a Difference 

Start coaching your sales managers and reps to preserve margin and capture value through the final stages of the opportunity.  Our Value Negotiation methodology moves the needle.