Often, sales managers are promoted to management because they were excellent at sales, but are underdeveloped as sales team managers. It’s important for sales leaders to step up and coach their managers on how to lead their sales teams to success. 

The best sales organizations enable their sales managers to execute coaching that goes beyond pipeline review and deal inspection. Great coaching builds seller skills, reinforces core methodologies, and drives consistency in how your sales strategy is executed at the seller level.

Below are five of our best blog resources that will help you enable your sales managers to be elite coaches and drive your core business goals.


Improve Manager Coaching Skills: Structured Feedback

Salespeople look to their managers for professional development and expect to be provided the necessary resources, guidance and knowledge to be successful in their role. Poor coaching can impact your team's win rates as well as your ability to retain top talent. Enable your managers to give reps the effective and actionable feedback they need to improve current and future outcomes.


A Better Approach to Opportunity Coaching

Opportunity coaching sessions are an ideal place to encourage desired sales behaviors and best practices. However, they have to be structured and executed in a way that salespeople see the value in these sessions and managers know how to provide it. This blog explains how to institute a coaching approach to regular deal reviews that provides reps with learning to execute better in the future.


Create a Strong Blueprint for Sales Manager Success

Sales managers deserve support from your organization. Managers can have a significant impact on rep performance and growth, but their success reflects how well they were supported. Discover how to create a strong blueprint that enables sales managers to build top performers and drive success at the team level.


How Managers Can Better Leverage Win/Loss Insights

Good managers define the reason why a specific deal was won or lost, but great managers reverse engineer that process to improve results on the next deal. Is your team currently leveraging those insights to repeat successes and avoid known setbacks? Help your managers provide the "how" and improve win rates with these strategies.


Coaching Tools to Build Stronger Pipeline

A key part of managing an effective sales team is to coach reps on filling their own sales pipelines. Healthy sales pipelines provide sales managers with a line of sight into their sales organizations that enables better forecasting and growth. Here are four questions for your front-line sales managers to consider to help them successfully coach direct reports who are struggling to build enough pipeline to consistently hit their numbers.


Enabling Sales Managers Through Technology

Front-line managers have a unique potential to impact your organization’s success; an investment in their efficacy is an investment in overall sales velocity. One high-impact area where leaders are choosing to invest is manager enablement. We break down on our blog how  the right enablement tools can help managers drive consistency, leverage data for greater execution, and become better coaches.


A great management team is the foundation that enables your entire sales organization for success. Organizations with executive sales leaders who invest in the training and education of their sales managers will be rewarded with highly enabled sales teams, more robust sales pipelines, bigger and better deals, faster closings and higher-than-projected revenue and earnings. If your sales managers know how to coach others to sell, your organization will have a huge edge in the marketplace. When you see an entire sales team that is enabled and empowered, their performance is always supported by a group of highly skilled and successful sales managers, whose primary role is leading others to success.



Train Your Sales Managers to Be Great Coaches

Start coaching your sales managers to be the leaders your organization needs. Remember, you can’t scale your business if you don’t support and train your sale managers to be great coaches.