Negotiate On Value, Not Price

Stop price-focused negotiations with a process based on value

This isn’t your typical negotiation training.

You're not negotiating hostages or trying to buy a used car. You're trying to close large deals that preserve margin, grow value & enhance ongoing relationships. That’s why our negotiation methodology is focused on just that, SALES.

Organizational Alignment
Ensure your entire organization has agreement on what makes a great deal and how to execute based on that agreement in the negotiation process. 
Develop a Value Negotiation Process
Integrate the negotiation process early in the sales cycle. When your salespeople execute in a way that builds value early, they’ll close great deals.


Change the Procurement Conversation
Equip your teams with the tools, processes and content that give them the confidence to effectively maneuver through procurement and legal strongholds.


Negotiation Framework that Drives Execution
Provide teams with a tool that defines give/gets, anchors and multiple options that give salespeople the power to execute a value based negotiation.


Top Sales Organizations & Value Negotiation Success

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Customized and Relevant

This isn’t your average negotiation training

Our sales negotiation training is just that - it’s meant for salespeople and any other customer-facing role. We make it our mission to fully understand your business. Our programs are highly customized so they’re relevant to your industry, buyers and organizational structures.

Ultimate Negotiation Resource Guide

Our best sales negotiation resources - explore how shifting your negotiation approach can expand the potential value your reps bring to the table in every deal.

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Ensure Organizational Alignment

Gain Agreement on Key Deal Components

What are the must-haves in your deals? What does finance and legal want to ensure are in every closed opportunity? How do negotiations play out daily across the entire customer experience with sales, pre-sales, services, customer success and account management teams? We’ll teach your entire customer-facing team to build and protect value at every state of the customer engagement process.

Preserve Value and
Minimize Discounts

Make Negotiation an Organizational Competency

The only way to guarantee your organization can close great deals repeatedly, is to equip your account teams with the ability to treat negotiation as a process, not an event. In the first meeting with a potential customer, you’re focusing on value and it doesn’t stop just because you get a signature.

An On-Demand Digital Content Hub that Accelerates Adoption

Ascender® is a mobile application and engagement platform that accelerates adoption by giving your reps, managers and executives 24-7 access to content, tools and resources that support your engagement.

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What Value Negotiation Teaches

Provide the structure that creates and captures value and
gives your account teams the ability to execute repeatedly.
Understanding of how to begin negotiating on value early in the sales process
How to confidently defuse and manage customer tactics
Ensure alignment to minimize internal negotiations
Ability to coach direct reports on Value Negotiation skills, best practices & processes.
How to create a negotiation strategy for each deal

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"Value Negotiation was one of the best trainings we’ve ever done. Within one quarter, the training paid for itself by the amount saved from discounting."

Jaimie Buss, Former VP of Sales for North America, Zendesk

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Our Process Makes Us Different

Our experience ensures results.

Align and Embed

1. Align and Embed

We begin every Value Negotiation engagement with a discovery phase. Our project team gathers the insights needed about your company, organizational structure, products, industry, and buyers. We want to ensure we understand everything that impacts your current negotiation process. 

This discovery ensures we have cross-functional alignment on the negotiation strategy moving forward.  

In this phase, your teams gain access to Ascender®, which will provide them with  daily content and regular live events that focus on qualification and value-based negotiation best practices. 


2. Deliver

Delivery is when the program is launched to the sales organization based on the content that was created during the previous stages.

Our delivery approach is focused on making the concepts practical and based on real-world selling scenarios. Concepts will be immediately applied after training. Additional reinforcement and training pre-work is managed through Ascender, our sales acceleration platform.


3. Sustain

This step is one area where customers see the Force Management difference play out in their results. we ensure that the desired behaviors are adopted in the short-term and sustained in the long-term, resulting in the necessary ROI for the initiative.

Our methodology focuses on adoption from the start so immediately after training, the entire company is aligned on the critical steps for sales execution.

All of our engagements are powered by Ascender, our sales acceleration platform. All participants have access to the daily content, ongoing curriculum, community and live events to help keep best practices top of mind and drive consistent reinforcement. Many clients also choose to take advantage of our Must-Win-Deal Coaching program during this stage. 



This Isn’t Your Average Negotiation Training

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