Aligning on Customer Value

Cross-functional Consistency Drives Growth Rate


The Client


Jama Software is a leading product development platform provider for companies building complex products and integrated systems. The Jama Product Development Platform helps companies streamline their product development process and mitigate risk, making it more efficient and enabling a faster time-to-market.  More than 600 innovative companies use Jama Software to modernize their product development process. 

The Business Challenge

Jama had a successful sales organization, but they were mostly executing a feature and function sale. In addition, there was an opportunity to sell higher and broader into organizations. In order to achieve that outcome, they needed to improve their cross-functional alignment around buyer value and Jama’s differentiation.

“I think we were all looking for a new way to talk about Jama in the context not just of the things we do, but the value that we provide to customers,” said Jonathan Cogan, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales. "The organization was shifting, yet we were still speaking and behaving the same way you would with a technical buyer. We needed a new vernacular or common language to bring us together. Force Management was able to facilitate something that we probably couldn’t have done on our own very easily.” 

The Solution

Jama implemented Command of the Message® across its organization, involving sales, marketing and product as a way to build alignment across the organization. Each department participated, ensuring that the buyer-focused message was on point and consistent across departments.

“It was a very illuminating exercise for us to go through. It got the entire product organization on the same page in terms of what are the value drivers and the problems we’re solving,” said Jennifer Jaffe, Senior Vice President of Products and Strategy.

The Results

Jama has seen measurable results from the initiative, including:

  • Average Contract Value Doubled
  • Average Deal Cycles Decreased by 10%
  • New and Expansion Business Grew 50%
  • Exceeded an Aggressive Growth Rate
  • Improved Forecast Accuracy

“I’ve gone through a lot of sales methodologies. Command of the Message is just extremely intuitive and customer-focused. It’s been a tremendous help for us as an organization,” said Cogan.

That organizational alignment drove the bottom-line impact and has resulted in overall consistency across Jama’s internal departments. “This isn’t a sales program,” said Jaffe. “This is a make our business better program.” 


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