Sales Transformation Checklist

Best Practices for Leaders Driving Change

Define The Why

Help your sales team make the connection between your company goals, your sales initiatives and what's in it for them. If they understand the "why" and how changes will improve their day-to-day, they'll be more likely to give you their buy-in and support. Take these steps.

Leadership Actions

Provide the why and take extreme ownership of it.

Share what you'll be asking of your salespeople.

Develop a mechanism to enable execution.

Make the why a company-wide priority.

Establish Top Priorities

Make sure your initiative is a top company priority. Gaining support from other executive leaders is an important first step to driving organizational change. Take these steps to capture leadership support and align behind your company's overall growth goals.

Leadership Actions

Gain support from other company leaders.

Align your sales initiative to company objectives.

Tie your initiative's financial metrics to company goals.

Gather leadership buy-in, input and resources.

Align With Your Buyer

Gaining organizational alignment around what drives value for your buyer is a critical step to building new sales capabilities for your sales team. As you move forward, account for buyer needs and consider how other departments interact with your customers. Take these steps.

Leadership Actions

Assess how buyer needs have evolved.

Identify areas of misalignment with your buyer.

Align behind your solution's value and differentiation. 

Find ways to equip reps to be relevant to buyer needs.

Own the Execution

Take extreme ownership of your execution strategy. Fully understand your team’s sales challenges and map to what’s needed to solve them. Use these steps to move forward and define where a partner may support your success.

Leadership Actions

Focus on the right capabilities for your growth stage.

 Define execution gaps holding your team back.

Draft your approach into your internal structures.

Customize your initiative to your buyers and industry.

Focus on Adoption

It’s critical that you have a plan to maintain momentum, measure ongoing performance and drive reinforcement. Start to use new concepts in your daily tasks and take these steps to build your post-launch adoption plan.

Leadership Actions

Provide a playbook for what good looks like.

 Integrate your initiative into sales content and tools.

Define how you're going to measure and report results.

Provide ways to support managers in driving adoption.

Launch a Sales Initiative That Gets Results

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