150% Increase in ARR over 2-Year Period

From Smart Startup to the Leading Customer Data Platform

Segment’s tremendous growth is an example of what it takes from C-suite executives, board leaders and companies as a whole to get to the next level. Segment recently launched a company-wide transformation to evolve their product-led growth (PLG) strategy and improve alignment with their most influential buying audiences. Segment's Chief Revenue Officer Joe Morrissey shares how to enable a sales organization to align with buyer needs and accelerate business value.


How Segment Aligned with their Buyer to Elevate Their Product-led Growth Strategy

Segment’s sales organization has seen a 150% increase in annual recurring revenue (ARR) over a two-year period. Segment enables customer-focused growth with good data by giving their customers a single API to collect, clean, activate and orchestrate their customer data. Their solutions enable customers to become data-driven decision makers that move more efficiently. Read their story and understand the first steps you can take to elevate your go-to-market motion.

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