Align Multiple Functions Around a Customer-Centric Approach

One of the most basic things you can do to boost sales performance up is to align cross-functional teams on the value and differentiation of your solution. In B2B organizations, it’s more than just getting sales and marketing on the same page. It's about driving consistency along the entire customer engagement spectrum. Remember, once you create value in your sales process, you need to capture that value in delivery to create long-term account success.

Elite sales organizations have this alignment in place. As a result, they're better equipped to adjust to changing marketplace dynamics. Aligning an entire sales organization behind a consistent, buyer-focused sales motion is not an easy task. It requires perseverance and discipline. Leverage the resources below as your work to generate company-wide alignment in your own organization. 


Building Alignment Around a Value Message

Every function in your organization should play a role in delivering and articulating business value in front of your customers, not just sales. That’s why undertaking a customized messaging initiative fundamentally transforms companies. See the benefits of having company leaders provide their support for generating a consistent buyer-focused sales message.


4 Questions Every Company Should Answer

There are four essential questions every elite sales organization can answer and as a result, their sales teams are effectively equipped to execute repeatedly where it matters most – in front of the customer. Assess these four questions with your cross-functional teams. Look for gaps and create leadership agreement on consistent answers.


What to Align on to Drive Sales Growth

When you see companies that are outpacing their competition, it’s because they’ve defined a consistent sales motion and have aligned their functional areas behind it. Here are the four critical elements of the sales motion that leading companies align on and how their alignment helps drive success.


How to Get Leaders to Align Behind Your Sales Initiative

Many of the sales leaders we speak to know what needs to be fixed in their organization. The challenge lies in developing a road map to correct the problem for the long-term. The root of that problem is typically a lack of alignment among senior leadership on how to develop a revenue engine that the sales team can execute. See how to generate leadership alignment and support behind your strategic sales intiatives.


Align Company Leaders on the Negotiation Process

Many companies mistake sales negotiation as a function conducted exclusively by sellers. In a complex B2B sales environment, it is rare for an individual seller to negotiate an entire deal on their own without the support, guidance and active participation from the rest of the organization.

There are multiple functions and teams involved in negotiation alongside the sales team. See why each function must have a clear understanding as to how negotiation is executed and how their role can support or hinder sales success.


How to Sustain Alignment on New Sales Behaviors

If you're implementing a strategic sales initiative aimed at changing sales behaviors, cross-functional alignment is key to driving consistent execution and adoption. This article covers the disciplines that form a powerful foundation for the successful adoption of major sales initiatives at the organizational level. See how executive alignment plays into the 5 components of driving successful reinforcement and adoption of new sales behaviors.

Align Your Organization Behind The Sales Stratagy

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