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Making Negotiation an Organizational Competency

What to Expect Someone from our team will call to schedule a call. Save time by sharing availability in the form.During our initial call, we’ll ask questions and do a lot of listening, assessing the challenges you’re experiencing and the effects they’re having on the rest of the business.Then, if relevant, we’ll walk you through how we approach your specific challenges and how we’ve helped companies like yours solve them for the long-term

Consistently Negotiate on Value

Our in-person negotiation training sessions are just one way we help improve your company's sales negotiation strategy. It's one stage in our Value Negotiation engagement process.

Our methodology helps sellers leverage value and differentiation throughout the entire sales cycle, providing sales negotiation tools that give sellers better control during the final stages of negotiation. 

We work with sales and cross-functional leadership teams to create customized sales negotiation tools. Then, our in-person roll-out ensures salespeople can use the tools immediately after training. Our reinforcement plans help managers and leaders ensure adoption. 

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