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Changing Your Conversation with Sales Procurement

Changing Your Conversation with Procurement Banner

Contrary to popular belief, procurement is not where good sales opportunities go to die. In fact, great sellers see professional buyers as allies, not enemies and regularly include them as critical decision makers along the road to a winning deal. 

A great sales process should include a great negotiation strategy - one that helps professional buyers fully understand the value and differentiation of each option, and make the best decisions for their company. A powerful negotiation strategy not only benefits the sales team but also enhances the overall value proposition, fostering long-term partnerships between buyers and sellers that drive mutual success.

As a sales leader, you need to enable your team to prove the fit and justify the value of your offering in a way that allows you to preserve margin and charge a premium.



  • The winning formula that great sellers use to create strong alliances with professional buyers
  • How Best-in-Class companies integrate a strong negotiation strategy into every buyer-focused sales process
  • How shifting your negotiation approach can expand the potential value your reps bring to the table in every deal

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