Accurately Predict Your Number

Build healthy sales pipelines and create actionable revenue forecasts

Build and reinforce a planning process based on accountability.

The right planning tools to improve sales visibility.

Improved Quota Attainment
Ensure your reps, managers and account teams are focused on high-value selling activities.
Increase in Sales Pipelines
Focus your team on the right accounts and the right activities to drive more pipeline.


Improved Forecast Accuracy
Drive the accountability that ensures you achieve the numbers you predict.


Diminished Administrative Burdens
Reduce the hours spent managing the forecast to ensure teams spend as much time possible selling.


Top Sales Organizations & Command of the Plan® Success


A Management Cadence that
Improves Efficiency

Ensure time is spent on the right activities

Develop a Management Operating Rhythm® that provides your managers with the tools and processes to consistently measure and monitor territories, accounts and forecasts.

E-Book | Establish a Franchise Mindset

When account teams and reps treat territories as their
own franchises, they own the plan and its results.

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Build Understanding of Account
and Territory Landscapes

Define critical factors that impact opportunities

Ensure your reps and managers consistently understand the economic, political and competitive landscapes that consistently impact pipeline. Provide managers with the skills that enable them to effectively inspect those areas and coach their teams to act accordingly.


The Tools to Reinforce

Equip your team to succeed  

Our methodology plans for adoption at the beginning, ensuring your managers know how to find revenue gaps and coach rep accordingly, which improves the overall efficiency of the process.

An On-Demand Digital Content Hub that Accelerates Adoption

Ascender® is a mobile application and engagement platform that accelerates adoption by giving your reps, managers and executives 24-7 access to content, tools and resources that support your engagement.

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What Command of the Plan Teaches

Provide a cadence around filling the pipeline and moving opportunities forward.

Understand how to build pipeline repeatedly
Improve managers’ ability to find revenue gaps and coach reps accordingly
Gain access to key decision makers consistently
Develop a cadence around filling the pipeline and moving opportunities forward
Define the steps needed to accurately forecast revenue in your organization

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"Force Management helped us in making our CEO and every member of our Senior Leadership Team a part of our journey, we invested in a critical cultural shift. It was a key ingredient to embracing the challenges we would undoubtedly encounter, as most organizations do whenever they bring in something new.”

Joe Marcin, former SVP of Global Sales, ClickSoftware

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Our Process Makes Us Different

Our experience ensures results.


1. Discovery

The value of Command of the Plan is that it builds alignment around key sales planning activities and the cadence behind them. Our project team gathers insights needed about your company, products, industries and buyers and then embeds best practices accordingly.

Your teams also gain access to Ascender®, right from the start of the engagement.  Our sales acceleration platform provides them with  daily content and regular live events that focus on qualification and value-based selling best practices.


2. Deliver

Delivery is when the program is launched to the sales organization based on the content that was created during the previous stages. This step is where we focus on the B2B sales training.

Our approach is based on state-of-the-art adult learning models. The majority of the instruction consists of role plays and practical exercises that leverage real-world selling scenarios. All of our engagements are powered by Ascender, our sales acceleration platform. All participants have access to the daily content, ongoing curriculum, community and live events to help keep best practices top of mind and drive consistent reinforcement.

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3. Sustain

This step is one area where customers see the Force Management difference play out in their results. we ensure that the desired behaviors are adopted in the short-term and sustained in the long-term, resulting in the necessary ROI for the initiative.

All of our engagements are also powered by Ascender, our sales acceleration platform, which helps drive daily reinforcement. Participants have access to the daily content, ongoing curriculum, community and live events to help keep best practices top of mind and drive consistent reinforcement.



This Isn’t Your Average Sales Initiative

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