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How to Make QBRs Valuable for Your Customers

Quarterly Business Reviews are a common practice for B2B sales companies. They’re meant to provide value for the customer and also provide an opportunity for the sales team to discover ways to help customers be successful, but all too often they miss the mark. Most executives have been through countless lackluster or for lack of a better term, bad QBRs. That’s why your buyers may avoid these important discussions and opt to not come altogether. With a well-defined process on how your customer-facing teams create and capture value, you can differentiate your approach to these important meetings. 

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Categories: Customer Success  |  Sales Messaging

Resources to Help Your Salespeople Enable Champions

Champions are a key component to selling high-level enterprise deals. If you know how to effectively enable and test a champion, you have an effective tool to advance your opportunities. We have covered Champions in a variety of our content. Here are a few of our most popular resources. 

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Categories: Customer Success  |  Sales Enablement Technology  |  Sales Transformation

Command Center Spotlight | Epicor's Story

This blog contains content from Chapter 7 of our eBook - Taking Command: How On-Demand Technology Drives Adoption of Sales Methodologies. Start from the beginning here. As told by Doug Gilkey, Vice President of Sales, Manufacturing for Epicor's  Global Business division.  

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