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Categories: Sales Negotiation  |  Selling to the C-Suite

Top 3 Habits of Sales Teams that Consistently Win High-Value Deals

The sales landscape has changed more rapidly in the past few years than ever before. From a worldwide pandemic to emerging technologies and fluctuating economic factors, the way that buyers make a purchase decision has evolved. In some ways, these changes require new sales approaches. More likely, these changes have created a stark disparity in the skills of teams who succeed and those who fall behind.

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Categories: Economic Change  |  Sales Conversation  |  Selling to the C-Suite

Selling to the CFO: Prepare Sellers to Answer These 5 Questions

The Chief Financial Officer is an influential voice in any sales conversation. If you’re looking to drive growth for your organization, your reps must be able to influence the CFO to close higher-value deals. Recently, due to economic pressure and budget constraints, many sales teams are seeing CFOs get involved in every deal, regardless of size. The ability to sell to the CFO is now a crucial skill every seller needs in order to hit revenue targets in today’s market.

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Categories: Economic Change  |  Scaling Sales  |  Selling to the C-Suite

How to Enable Sellers to Win at the C-Suite Level

Selling to C-level leaders is a crucial skill for your sales force if you want to grow your average deal size. Especially in today’s environment of economic uncertainty, big price tags are not getting approved without skillful execution of these conversations.

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