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Categories: Sales Execution  |  Sales Kickoff  |  Sales Leadership

Don’t Let Your Sales Initiative Fail: Lead from the Front

With any strategic change initiative, there’s always the question of whether or not it will stick. Anyone who’s been involved in a sales transformation knows, going from point A to point B, the desired future state, is no simple feat. The key to ensuring your change initiative’s success is to understand what it takes from the sales reps, managers and yourself as the leader to drive lasting outcomes. Then, commit to making it happen. 

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Categories: Qualification

Using MEDDICC to Drive Revenue Predictability

A great qualification approach matters in today’s changing environment. Every buyer is dealing with something they haven’t dealt with before. Because of this, their buying processes are changing. It's likely that new budget cuts, executive-level sign off requirements and solution requirements have caused customer buying processes to evolve. Elite companies are moving quickly to adapt their qualification methods and ensure their sales teams can effectively qualify the right opportunities and move them forward efficiently. These sales organizations are anchoring on methodologies, like MEDDICC, to help their salespeople maintain a healthy pipeline, close high-value opportunities and increase overall deal velocity. Now is a great time to equip your sales teams to keep pipelines moving and improve revenue predictability in these challenging times.

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Categories: Podcasts

Our Latest Podcasts: Closing High-Value Deals

The goal of this month's episodes was to share key strategies for sales teams looking to execute on critical pipeline deals. Each episode covers timely tactics sales leaders, managers and reps can use to build and maintain pipeline. Review our rundown of episodes below. Share these strategies with your sales teams to help keep them focused and motivated.  Each episode is available on your favorite podcast player, so you can easily download, listen and share.

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Categories: Sales Kickoff  |  Sales Leadership  |  Sales Transformation

Why Relevance and Customization Are Key to the Success of a Sales Initiative

Many companies spend significant time and resources planning and executing their sales transformation initiatives and/or sales kickoff events. If done right, the effort can set your sales organization (and yourself) up for long-term success. Positive results can accumulate in the coming quarters and years down the line ... that is if you can ensure that critical concepts of your initiative stick with your sales team. Achieving sales transformation demands relevancy to your sales organization to ensure lasting outcomes. 

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Categories: Company Alignment  |  Sales coaching  |  Technology

A Discussion with Tech Company Sales Leaders: What’s Top-of-Mind Right Now

If you're a sales leader, it can be helpful to hear from others in your role to know how they’re dealing with similar challenges and where they’re finding success. We recently talked sales challenges with a group of sales leaders in the high-tech industry, as part of an event with Modern Sales Pros. The organization leads several peer-to-peer discussions and virtual events throughout the year. Not surprisingly, other company leaders are focusing on improving their organization’s ability to compete and perform. Here were our top three takeaways from the conversation:

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Categories: Sales Transformation  |  Technology

The Right Methodology to Ensure Your Technology Sells

Finding new ways to meet evolving buyer needs is the cornerstone of every great sales organization. The current environment has many companies adjusting product road maps and sales campaigns, trying to align with the most pressing needs of their specific marketplace.  Given the current state, you, as a sales leader, have a huge opportunity to enable your sales teams to sell new products (or your exciting offerings) in a way that drives competitive revenue growth. How you enable your sales organization to sell your technology will play the biggest role in their success, and your success. Here’s how you can make the biggest impact:

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