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Categories: Competitors  |  Differentiation  |  Sales Discovery Process

The Missing Link Between Your Differentiation and Your Buyers

There are a lot of organizations out there that tout what makes them different from the competition. However, at times, that differentiation is simply talk and no action. What's on the PowerPoint slides fails to translate to the real-life customer experience. You can't just proclaim differentiation as an organization. You need to be able to justify it and demonstrate you really do what you say you do. That's step one. Step two is another area where many organizations fall short. It involves equipping your reps with the ability to articulate differentiation in a way that has meaning to the buyer.

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Categories: Sales Discovery Process

The One Word You Need to Teach Your Sales Teams for Effective Discovery

Do you find yourself consistently frustrated with deals coming across your desk that: give away too much margin; aren't tied to the biggest business issue; have limited access to the economic buyer?

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Categories: Podcasts  |  Sales Discovery Process

Podcast: Tips for Attaching to the Biggest Business Issue

Even if you've been selling a long time, there's still value in getting back to the basics. Are you in the middle of an opportunity right now where you know you aren't attached to the biggest business issue? Do you need to do more discovery?

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Sales Discovery Process

Give Your Reps the Ability to Have Value-Based Sales Conversations

The sales conversation is such a critical component of the sales process, we call it "the moment of truth." It can often make or break an opportunity for a lead to move further along in the process. When sales organizations are struggling with making revenue numbers, the problem may lie in what your salespeople are saying to a potential customer.  Do any of these challenges sound familiar? 

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