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Resources to Help Your Salespeople Enable Champions

Resources to Help Your Salespeople Enable Champions

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Champions are a key component to selling high-level enterprise deals. If you know how to effectively enable and test a champion, you have an effective tool to advance your opportunities. We have covered Champions in a variety of our content. Here are a few of our most popular resources. 

  1. Coaches vs. Champions [Podcast]:
    Identifying a champion isn’t always easy. Do your salespeople have a great process  to determine if they're working with a champion or just a coach? Do your managers know how to help your reps find, develop, and test their champions? In this episode, John Kaplan covers questions your sales team can ask to identify a champion or coach.
  2. Building Up Your Champions [Podcast]:
    Elite salespeople lift up their champions by demonstrating business value in a way that encourages their contact to move the deal forward on their own merits. Hear best practices sales reps should use to build up their champions within an account, and leverage the relationships for further opportunities.
  3. How to Test Your Champions [Podcast]:
    Champions may change their mind, or they may lose the power they once had to move a deal forward. For these reasons, make sure your sales reps are equipped to test their champions in a way that gives them the insight they need to effectively qualify an opportunity. This podcast gives some great tips for ensuring your Champion is invested in your success.
  4. How to Write a Champion Letter:
     A “Champion Letter” is one tool that will help sales reps build long-standing relationships with these valuable connections.  Share our framework to help your sellers understand how to write an effective champion letter
  5. How to Ensure Success by Staying Aligned with Your Champions:
    Ensure your salespeople can effectively leverage their champion's power, influence and vested interest in your success. Share this article with your salespeople to help them stay aligned with your champion to ensure a positive outcome.
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