Maximize Adoption & ROI: The Continuous Learning Journey

Maximize Adoption & ROI: The Continuous Learning Journey

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Through hard work and a successful delivery, you’ve created momentum for your customer-facing team, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to improve front-line numbers. Now is the time to refine and amplify your team's skill set — taking them from good to elite.

The next step in our partnership is to help you make it happen. Our goal is to support you in doing more with your engagement, so you can take your customer-facing teams to the next level of proficiency. See how you can further maximize your team's ability to hit record revenue numbers. Lead the charge with the Continuous Learning Program

Do More With Your Investment in Your Team

Through pre-work and training, your customer-facing teams have built the foundational skills to get to the next level in their careers and improve productivity in their role for your company. You're on your way to achieving your desired outcomes from the engagement. Now, you can further the success you are already seeing and maximize it, while keeping your team fully engaged along the way. 

The Continuous Learning Program is designed to be a natural addition to an individual’s learning journey to fuel proficiency, behavioral change and front-line sales impact. It gives your customer-facing teams a way to deepen their knowledge and adopt skills that go beyond Force Management's initial training. This program helps you provide critical support to your team on a regular basis, empowering and motivating them to continuously refine their skills. 

Drive ongoing impact across your customer-facing organization:

This program provides your individual sellers and customer-facing teams with consistent checkpoints to hone and apply advanced knowledge, skills and tools in daily activities. By launching the Continuous Learning Program you can:

  • Sustain sales impact and achieve true proficiency, while minimizing learning fatigue
  • Provide further adoption support and training for sales management and enablement teams
  • Help your team retain the methodology and build on the foundation to fuel transformation
  • Equip your team to hone advanced skills and expand on initial training topics to power long-term results

Supporting your managers:

The program focuses on the individual, but also supports front-line managers, who are often learning the methodologies for the first time as well. Through advanced-level courses, the Continuous Learning Program provides practical tips, strategies, examples, and application tools for managers to improve their knowledge of what was delivered. The program also provides live sessions where managers can address key questions with a FM Facilitator.

Creating a cadence for immediate results and lasting success:

With the Continuous Learning Program, you provide your customer-facing teams with a regular reinforcement cadence. This cadence helps to maximize your investment in your people, driving not just adoption, but furthering the return on your investment. 

The Continuous Learning Program kicks off after your initial training with the Fast Start program, where core concepts from the engagement are expanded upon over the first 13 weeks after delivery. This program provides in-depth training that will move your team from good to proficient in core execution areas.

After Fast Start, the Continuous Learning Program moves from a weekly to a quarterly basis, which helps to minimize learning fatigue, while furthering adoption. The quarterly cadence allows your teams the time to hone key skills individually, while also providing regular checkpoints, where your team will leverage support, Force Management experts, and training on high-impact areas. This ongoing cadence provides the time and resources your team will need to build proficiency around what was delivered, leading to both immediate results and lasting adoption.

Customize the program to your team’s needs and internal structures:

As the sales leader, you have the opportunity to select which skills will be important for your team to gain deeper, next-level instruction on. Our goal is to provide you with support and recommendations as you determine where to focus Continuous Learning for your team.

Through the launch of your initial engagement, we’ve worked closely for months. Our team understands your focus, your goals, your customers and your business. Building this relationship gives our experienced sales professionals insight into areas of opportunity, challenges and other company initiatives that may impact the reinforcement of your initial engagement (i.e., new product launches, mergers/acquisitions, internal structures, talent management).

Our experienced leaders can help you pinpoint the biggest impact areas to provide further training on. Our leaders will provide recommendations based on their knowledge of your company, your team’s performance through the initial delivery and any other adoption activities your team has participated in. You will also be provided the output of your adoption survey (taken in Ascender Plus®) to help you weigh the right areas of opportunity to improve execution.

With all of this information, we will help you build out the Continuous Learning Program in a way that’s customized to your organization and adoption needs.

What the Continuous Learning Program includes:

We provide your customer-facing organization with an ongoing learning solution that blends personal eLearning and live instructor-led sessions with Force Management’s facilitators. This program also supports and develops sales managers as they reinforce the methodology.

The program includes:

  • Access to higher-level, custom learning paths within Ascender Plus
  • Live, virtual, instructor-led sessions that reinforce and expand on advanced learning concepts
  • Additional resources and collateral for individuals and management
  • A quarterly cadence to help your teams hone advanced skills and expand on initial training topics

Maximize ROI and Front-line Results

Sales leaders, continue to make your people your competitive advantage. Do more with who you have and what you've implemented to propel revenue numbers this year, and the next. Contact us to learn more about the Continuous Learning Program and how it can further support your engagement and provide the momentum for ongoing results.

Beyond the Continuous Learning Program, learn about additional ways you can help your customer-facing team get to the next level and become your company's competitive advantage. With our customer partners, we work to understand what their sales organization needs to drive revenue results and their desired outcomes. Here are seven ways we help our customers drive momentum, adoption and accelerated revenue results after their initial engagement.


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