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Categories: Sales Process

Podcast: The Single Selling Motion

When salespeople learn methodologies, they can sometimes become overwhelmed by the tactics presented. However, effective processes aren't one-time events, they are executed together in one single selling motion. In our new podcast, John Kaplan breaks down some tips and tricks that help reps layer in new processes in a way that's simple and practical.

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Categories: Sales Negotiation

The Difference Between Sales Negotiation Training Programs That Work and Those That Don't

You're seeing the signs... Your account teams are negotiating price versus value Your losing margins and leverage in negotiations Your reps are green and they're negotiating with very experienced buyers Your teams have difficulty managing customer tactics Your internal process is slowing down negotiations

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Digging Deep Creating the Right Questions Flow for Effective Discovery

Enable your sales team to uncover business pain.

Use our Discovery Guide to teach them to ask the right questions at the right time and subscribe to our blog.

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Categories: Sales Kickoff

How to Convert Skeptics at Your Sales Kickoff

In our recent sales kickoff webinar, a few of our attendees asked about how to present the content in a way that diminishes the amount of skepticism in the room. We put that question to some of our expert facilitators who often deal with a lot of skepticism when they're helping sales leaders drive change.  Since, many of you are about to launch your sales kickoffs, I've summarized their advice. This list may help you craft a few talking points for your event.

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Categories: Qualification  |  Sales Process

How To Ensure Your Sales Qualification Process is Making a Difference

You've got a sales qualification process in your organization. You feel like it should be making a difference. However, you feel like it still may have room for improvement. We've been there and we've talked to sales leaders just like you who have felt the same way. Here are some areas we encourage them to focus on to ensure their sales qualification process is making a difference.

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Categories: Sales Planning

Podcast: Key Concepts for Effective Sales Planning

If you are struggling to meet your 2018 numbers, you can probably attribute your challenges to the sales pipeline. Sales planning is one of our favorite topics to cover at the end of the year. There are those of you who are feeling the effects of lackluster sales planning. The bad news you're running out of time for this year. The good news is there are clear steps you can take to correct it moving forward.

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Categories: Sales Transformation

How to Improve Sales by Getting Other Leaders to Align Behind Your Sales Initiative

You know what's working within your sales organization. And, perhaps more importantly, you know what isn't. Many of the sales leaders we speak to know what needs to be fixed in their organization. Things like:

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