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Categories: Company Alignment  |  Sales Kickoff  |  Sales Productivity

Sales Leaders: What Your Top Performers are Thinking in Your Sales Kickoff Presentation

Many of you are prepping for your sales kickoff. We often put so much into the planning of the SKO, that sometimes we fail to give the same amount of attention to the actual presentation we will give at the event. The sales kickoff is often the one chance sales leaders have to get the momentum going at the beginning of the fiscal year. Past quarters are over and done with and the SKO is a time to start fresh, right the course and chart the path towards increased sales productivity and revenue.

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Categories: Front-line Managers  |  Sales Leadership  |  Sales Productivity

How to Help Your Front-line Sales Managers Lead Successful Teams

How important are front-line sales leaders to the execution of your sales initiatives? Absolutely critical. Of course, it sounds like common sense when you say it, but many companies still don’t understand how to support their front-line managers in a way that truly supports success.

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Digging Deep Creating the Right Questions Flow for Effective Discovery

Enable your sales team to uncover business pain.

Use our Discovery Guide to teach them to ask the right questions at the right time and subscribe to our blog.

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Categories: Sales Leadership  |  Sales Productivity  |  sales challenges

The Fourth Quarter: What's Your Plan?

Now is the time many of us assess how our year has gone. Some of you may be scrambling to make the number, hinging the year on a few deals that you're waiting to close. Others of you may be riding out the quarter, perhaps pushing some deals into next year to give yourself a little runway.

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Categories: Sales Leadership  |  Sales Productivity  |  sales pro

Your Sales Motion: Taking it from Excellent to Elite

Are we wired naturally to be elite?  Regardless of your title, role, occupation, the opportunity to be elite is sitting right in front of us. Salespeople, leaders and organizations strive to drive higher win rates, larger deals and better margins. Investors, shareholders and executives aspire to build high-performing sales teams, capable of maximizing market opportunities. They are not looking for okay, average or even good. They are looking for awesome, exceptional and elite.

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Categories: Company Alignment  |  Sales Conversation  |  Sales Leadership  |  Sales Productivity

Enabling a Global Sales Organization: Q&A with a Sales Leader

 Joe Marcin is the SVP of Global Sales at ClickSoftware. Click is a leader in field service management solutions, arming service leaders with real-time recommendations and operational intelligence. Joe is an experienced sales leader who has a breadth of experience selling complex software solutions globally. Force Management has worked with ClickSoftware to improve its sales productivity. In advance of his webinar with Tim Caito, Force's content team asked Joe to share his perspective on sales effectiveness. 

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Categories: Sales Productivity  |  Sales Transformation  |  sales challenges

Your Next Sales Career Opportunity: A Conversation on Mistakes to Avoid

Chad Peets is a Managing Director of Sutter Hill Ventures. He is responsible for GTM hiring globally and has placed more than 2500 software sales executives. Chad shared his recent conversation with John McMahon with The Command Center blog.  McMahon is a Force Management customer, a sales veteran and an adviser to some of the world's most successful software companies.  This post is part two of the conversation. Read part one here.  In the last conversation with John, we discussed components to consider when picking your next sales career opportunity. We reviewed the "3 Why’s" and five critical factors that should help you analyze if the company is going to be the right one for your next move. In this post, we discuss the mistakes people make when deciding on their next move. John provides some good food for thought as you consider your next opportunity. 

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