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Categories: Sales Productivity

Sales Strategies Achieving Results Right Now

One of the most commonly asked questions our sales experts are receiving is, “ What are other companies doing right now?” We pulled together what we’ve been hearing from our customers into some key action steps for our blog readers. Our teams are talking to sales leaders across the country, every day. Below are the major themes we are hearing right now.

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Categories: Front-line Managers  |  Sales Coaching Tools  |  Sales Leadership  |  Sales Productivity  |  Sales coaching

The Role Your Managers Play in Maintaining Sales Momentum Right Now

Sales managers play a critical role in driving the success of their organization. They’re the people charged with reinforcing methodologies, coaching sales reps, communicating up in their organization and ultimately meeting team revenue goals. The good ones are expert multi-taskers and that’s why we often say that sales managers have one of the most difficult jobs in their organizations. Managers are a key component to your sales organization’s ability to maintain sales productivity right now. Enable them effectively. Distinguish yourself as a sales leader by finding areas where you can provide the most support to your front-line managers.

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Digging Deep Creating the Right Questions Flow for Effective Discovery

Enable your sales team to uncover business pain.

Use our Discovery Guide to teach them to ask the right questions at the right time and subscribe to our blog.

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Categories: Differentiation  |  Sales Productivity

Reframing Your Buyer Message for What’s Happening Right Now

In the changing environment, your buyer’s challenges may also be constantly shifting. Elite sales organizations are assessing how this economic environment is impacting their buyers and adjusting their sales message accordingly.

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Categories: Sales Messaging  |  Sales Productivity

Maintain Sales Productivity: Five Ways Your Company Can Focus Your Reps on Selling Value

With the news about the COVID-19 pandemic changing daily, focus can be a challenge for a sales leader. The constant shift likely means pivoting between heavy-hearted decisions, board meetings, conversations with employees and the albeit adjusted revenue numbers.  Your customers are facing the same difficult decisions. How are you keeping your sales reps focused? Your managers equipped to maintain productivity? And, readying your organization for when the panic dies down? Here are five ways you can keep your teams focused. 

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Categories: Company Alignment  |  Sales Kickoff  |  Sales Productivity

Sales Leaders: What Your Top Performers are Thinking in Your Sales Kickoff Presentation

Many of you are prepping for your sales kickoff. We often put so much into the planning of the SKO, that sometimes we fail to give the same amount of attention to the actual presentation we will give at the event. The sales kickoff is often the one chance sales leaders have to get the momentum going at the beginning of the fiscal year. Past quarters are over and done with and the SKO is a time to start fresh, right the course and chart the path towards increased sales productivity and revenue.

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Categories: Front-line Managers  |  Sales Leadership  |  Sales Productivity

How to Help Your Front-line Sales Managers Lead Successful Teams

How important are front-line sales leaders to the execution of your sales initiatives? Absolutely critical. Of course, it sounds like common sense when you say it, but many companies still don’t understand how to support their front-line managers in a way that truly supports success.

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