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Categories: Channel Sales  |  Sales Messaging  |  Sales Transformation

Three Important Factors to Drive Measurable Results in Your Channel Organization

A channel program is an effective way to increase your capacity and expand market share. However, without putting resources behind enabling this avenue for revenue, you’ll likely do more harm than good. To garner the many benefits that come from a robust channel program, you need to put the time and resources into ensuring your channel sellers have the same understanding of your value and differentiation as your own field or inside sales teams.

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Categories: Sales Messaging  |  Sales Transformation

A Sales Enablement Perspective: Enabling Command of the Message®

Marco Davi is a sales enablement professional with 15 years' experience in high-growth companies. He has worked with Force Management on our Command of the Message®  offering, implementing the program with a global sales force. Marco was responsible for the rollout in the UK office which included about 100 people.  He is also a certified facilitator of the program having participated in our training certification program.  Introducing and rolling out Command of the Message (CoM) in an organization is a major step in improving the overall sales strategy. As a sales enablement leader, I have seen and implemented my share of training programs. However, in my experience, Command of the Message is different than other off-the-shelf-type offerings because of its customization, particularly around the products and/or services that you sell. This customization is what creates immediate impact and provides sales reps with something they can use directly after attending the in-person training session.

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Digging Deep Creating the Right Questions Flow for Effective Discovery

Enable your sales team to uncover business pain.

Use our Discovery Guide to teach them to ask the right questions at the right time and subscribe to our blog.

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Categories: Sales Messaging  |  Sales and Marketing

How we Describe Command of the Message® to Sales and Marketing Leaders

It's a topic we get asked about frequently. Is Command of the Message a marketing initiative? Or, why is Command of the Message a sales initiative and not a marketing one? Indeed, the name may leave some confused, but once you understand Force Management's point-of-view, it begins to make sense for sales and marketing leaders, particularly those who are looking to create a better buyer and customer experience.

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Categories: Sales Messaging

How Command of the Message® Applies Across the Company

Stop for a minute and think about the departments and the sheer number of people that communicate with your prospects and customers throughout the sales engagement process. If you are selling a complex solution, these buyers may interface with dozens of your people and perhaps hundreds of messages throughout the process. It is up to your organization to ensure that those buyers receive consistency in that message. 

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Categories: Differentiation  |  Sales Messaging

What's the Meaning of Command of the Message?

If you've never been through a Command of the Message engagement, it's difficult to understand what commanding the sales message really means  and how your organization achieves it. We write and talk a lot about having Command of the Message®  because we believe that without it, no sales organization can thrive in a competitive environment. Command of the Message is the hallmark of a high-performing sales team.

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Categories: Sales Execution  |  Sales Messaging  |  Sales Planning  |  Sales Transformation  |  Talent Management

How to Build a High-Performing Sales Organization

High-performing sales organizations don’t get there by chance. It is a predictable and calculated path to growth. The best sales teams have the necessary foundation in place so reps and managers are able to (1) spend time on high-value revenue activities and 2) (effectively execute with buyers. There is a sales motion in every organization that drives rep productivity and ultimately revenue growth. 

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