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Categories: Sales Messaging  |  Sales Transformation

How Sales Messaging & Qualification Work Together to Drive Scalable Growth

At any company life cycle stage, there are challenges that come with driving scalable growth. Defining where the biggest gaps or opportunities lie within a sales process is one complication sales leaders, their executive teams, and even their investment firms often struggle with. Determining which sales initiative will drive the most impactful results takes careful consideration.

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Categories: Sales Transformation

How to Ensure Your Virtual Sales Initiative Gets Results

When companies invest in sales initiatives, they have specific outcomes they’re looking to achieve. Many sales leaders are trying to decide between (1) waiting for when they can schedule an in-person session or (2) moving forward now with a virtual training.

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Digging Deep Creating the Right Questions Flow for Effective Discovery

Enable your sales team to uncover business pain.

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Categories: Sales Transformation  |  Technology

What I’ve Learned from Virtual Sales Training

Right now, sales leaders around the globe are trying to determine what is the best course of action for their sales teams. Perhaps they planned a training initiative that they put on hold or they’re waiting to roll out a new solution to their buyers, and they’re trying to wait for the right time to start ramping up their sales team on the new strategy.

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Categories: Company Alignment  |  Sales Messaging  |  Sales Transformation

Aligning Your Sales Engine with Product Development: A CTO Perspective

Cross-functional alignment on the value your solutions provide for your customer is the key to accelerating growth. This symmetry is an essential link between your product team and your sales organization. If your salespeople aren't able to articulate the business value of the products you develop, customers won't realize their full potential. How many times have you seen a deal closed where the buyer is only buying one part of your solution, and therefore missing the bigger value for his/her business by not using the platform? 

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Categories: Front-line Managers  |  Sales Leadership  |  Sales Transformation

Four Support Tools That Drive Success for Front-line Sales Managers

Lots of companies seem to forget that when you put the word "manager" behind a sales title, you’re asking folks to become a developer of people. Many times, companies don’t actually put the right processes and tools in place to help front-line sales managers drive success for their teams.

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Categories: Channel Sales  |  Sales Messaging  |  Sales Transformation

Three Important Factors to Drive Measurable Results in Your Channel Organization

A channel program is an effective way to increase your capacity and expand market share. However, without putting resources behind enabling this avenue for revenue, you’ll likely do more harm than good. To garner the many benefits that come from a robust channel program, you need to put the time and resources into ensuring your channel sellers have the same understanding of your value and differentiation as your own field or inside sales teams.

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