Build the Roadmap to Reinforce Your Sales Initiative

Build the Roadmap to Reinforce Your Sales Initiative

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We build strategic partnerships with our clients with a focus on helping customer-facing organizations achieve both quick wins and long-term outcomes. To ensure we help our clients achieve that success, we partner with them throughout the journey. We help our customers build out a forward-looking success plan to maximize adoption, drive consistent bottom-line impact and significantly increase the ROI from their engagement.

Below are seven solutions our customers build into the weeks, months and quarters following their initial Force Management engagement. Each option helps your organization dig deeper into what was delivered — taking sellers and managers to the next level. 

7 Solutions Our Customers Use to Maximize Adoption and Results:

“Over twelve months, it's been a process that has helped us establish new habits in how we think about our engagement with our customers, both before and after the sale. That to me is the biggest difference in this engagement and what makes Force stand out.” - Keegan Riley, Chief Revenue Officer at Sysdig. See how Sysdig doubled conversion rates and cut ramp-up time in half.

1. The Continuous Learning Program

The Continuous Learning Program is designed to be a natural addition to an individual’s learning journey to fuel proficiency and behavioral change in the first quarter following the initial engagement. The Continuous Learning Program gives you a way to deepen your people’s knowledge and adopt skills that go beyond Force Management's initial training. The program blends personal eLearning and live, instructor-led sessions with Force Management’s facilitators. 

The Continuous Learning Program kicks off with Fast Start in the first quarter following the initial training/delivery. In those first 13 weeks, your teams will establish habits and work your engagement into their operating rhythm. After Fast Start, the Continuous Learning Program moves to a quarterly cadence, which helps to make reinforcement manageable for your team on an ongoing basis, and allows you to incorporate additional adoption activities. 

What it Includes:

  • Access to higher-level, custom learning paths within Ascender Plus®
  • Virtual, instructor-led sessions that reinforce and expand on advanced learning concepts
  • Additional resources and collateral for individuals and management
  • A quarterly cadence to help your teams hone advanced skills and expand on initial training topics to improve long-term results
  • Continuous Learning Program bundles that are most relevant to your organization's adoption needs

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2. Opportunity Manager®

Our customers use Opportunity Manager to weave their Command of the Message® and/or MEDDICC frameworks into their Salesforce instance.

Opportunity Manager is a turnkey plug-in for integrating Force Management methodologies and deliverables into Salesforce, providing guided assessments that help reps and managers qualify opportunities consistently and build sales and negotiation strategies. The SFDC plug-in will support your sales organization's probability of success in these areas: win rate percentage, average sales price and margins.

As a sales leader, use Opportunity Manager to gain line-of-sight into the adoption and application of your customized methodologies. Make it easier to prove ROI and ensure consistent application across your entire customer-facing organization.

What it Includes:

  • Self-guided assessments that reps and managers can take to qualify opportunities and build sales strategies
  • Ready-to-use plug-in for SFDC Classic and SFDC Lightning instances
  • Pre-built dashboards leaders and managers can use to gain visibility into front-line deals and execution

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3. Ascender Plus

Many of our customers are already using Ascender Plus to accelerate adoption and improve outcomes related to their initiatives. It's an on-demand digital content hub that gives your reps, managers and executives 24-7 access to content, tools and resources that support your engagement. One of the biggest roadblocks to success is the leader's ability to reinforce concepts while trying to hit their revenue numbers. That's why we built this platform to provide short, practical learning opportunities that drive results. 

Ascender Plus doesn't replace your Learning Management System. It's a knowledge center where all of the Force Management courses, continuously updated sales improvement content, coaching opportunities, and a peer sales community are accessed in one place, 24/7 — on your phone or on your computer.

What it Includes:

  • Support for the entire engagement
  • More than 150 reinforcement modules
  • Micro-learning “channels” for self-service
  • Online and mobile access
  • Advanced content and features added regularly

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4. Opportunity Coaching Sessions

Our facilitators and subject matter experts frequently coach customer-facing teams on specific deals through our Opportunity Coaching offering. As you may remember, we use real-world applications and opportunities in our initial training. We leverage that same approach to reinforce critical concepts through continued real-world, practical application - a proven way to increase your reps' performance. 

Opportunity Coaching Sessions are thorough account and opportunity reviews aimed to advance deals and coach reps and managers. This program helps sellers think strategically about a specific opportunity and gives them the tools they need to advance their position within the deal. 

Opportunity Coaching sessions:

  • Provide feedback and coaching on strategy execution, rather than creating a list of action items
  • Demonstrate the intentional use of training concepts by providing tactical, hands-on advice
  • Establish a coaching rhythm for inspecting opportunities across customer-facing teams
  • Allow increased insight on bright spots, challenges and opportunities for improvement
  • Identify common themes across your customer-facing team to define reinforcement efforts

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5. New Hire Training

Conduct additional training on the content and application of deliverables for new hires. 

Get the most out of your Command of the Message® investment by enabling your new hires to articulate value. Bring them up to speed through private, new hire training. Our New Hire Training program allows you to ramp new hires on Command of the Message principles without taking on the burden or cost of an additional training rollout. The program is intended for existing Command of the Message customers looking to decrease new-hire ramp time and increase average deal size by empowering sellers with the methodology mindset and process.

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6. Manager Certification

While we aim to support your company on an ongoing basis, your managers own the responsibility of driving the ongoing adoption of your engagement, where it matters most, on the front lines. To have an impact on the adoption of their reps and any new hires, managers need to be experts in what was delivered through your initial Force Management engagement. Maximize their success. Provide them additional, specific training they can use to have a continuous impact on rep skills, knowledge, growth and performance.

Our Manager Certification Program is intended to certify managers on teaching and applying Force Management concepts to coach, reinforce and develop their customer-facing teams. The certification process allows managers to incorporate concepts into their daily, weekly and monthly operating rhythms — helping them have a bigger impact on your reps' overall development.

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7. Train-The-Trainer

Certify designated facilitators to independently train new hires and provide your customer-facing teams with refresher sessions internally. 

Force Management’s Train-the-Trainer (T3) Program occurs through a series of interactive calls, online prep work, and virtual sessions that enable our clients to facilitate Command of the Message®, Value Negotiation or MEDD(P)ICC training without the assistance of Force Management. Through the Train-the-Trainer program, participants, typically sales enablement leaders, attend an in-person session where Force Management subject matter experts observe live presentations of the training content. During these sessions, real-time coaching and personal best practices for delivering the methodology are provided.

Our team also provides support throughout your trainers' preparation and delivery of their first client-led training. After the live Training Audit, participants will be evaluated, and once approved, they can independently deliver future Command of the Message, Value Negotiation or MEDDPICC training sessions to your organization.

The T3 Prep course walks the learner through the program curriculum and provides additional tips, best practices and examples of FM facilitators delivering key talk tracks to effectively facilitate the training. Our new MEDD(P)ICC Preparation Path also includes additional features like a virtual coach who guides the learner through the program and a personal assessment that allows learners to assess their strengths and gaps, while getting recommendations ahead of the teach-back session.

What it Includes:

  • T3 Prep Course: Interactive self-study through Ascender Plus
  • Interactive Q&A call
  • Dynamic teach-back session 
  • First client-led training audit and support

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Take Your Team From Proficient to Elite

After your team has hit their initial goals, it’s important to ensure results are maintained and your team’s knowledge of core concepts continues to expand throughout the year. These programs provide you with ways to make it happen. Through these solutions, you provide your managers and reps with consistent checkpoints to hone and apply advanced knowledge, skills and tools in daily activities.

Dig deeper into how you can build the right roadmap to reinforce your engagement and maximize your organization's productivity. Make an impact virtually. Reach out to our team.

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