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Categories: Inside Sales  |  Sales Enablement Technology

Training Your BDR/SDRs: Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Automation

The last few years have seen a proliferation of sales acceleration tools. While many have come and gone, the best have taken root and proven that they really can help automate the most menial and manual sales tasks. Time-consuming activities like sending follow-up emails, making CRM updates, even tasks like activity planning have been improved with automation.

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Categories: Inside Sales

Three Ways to Engage a Millennial Inside Sales Team

For the first time this year the number of Millennials will exceed Baby Boomers in the workforce. For many companies, the inside sales function has become an attractive opportunity for these young adults to hone their professional skill and leadership potential. Yet, onboarding them effectively offers a new set of challenges for companies stuck in traditional approaches to sales enablement.

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Categories: Inside Sales  |  Sales Conversation  |  Sales Process

Drive Your Inside Sales Process with Cadence and Content

I’m a dinosaur. I started selling before Al Gore found the Internet and caveman found fire. When I started selling, companies used to put teams out in every city. Inside sales was an afterthought. Now, teams that didn’t have inside sales ten years ago are giving up on the field team all together.

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