What Sales Leaders Are Assessing to Course-Correct Performance

What Sales Leaders Are Assessing to Course-Correct Performance

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Given the current economic headwinds, now is a good time to get a quick snapshot of where your team is at and determine any mission-critical sales opportunities to focus on.

As the economy changes, consider opportunities to elevate your strategy and minimize revenue setbacks. We’re working with sales leaders in all stages of growth — supporting them in implementing what’s needed to get to drive revenue throughout the rest of this year, and the next. Here are the mission-critical areas these leaders are focusing on. 

1. Ensure Sales Alignment with Company Goals

Given the current state, has your company recently been through a strategic shift or are you preparing for one now? Most strategic changes aimed at improving your company’s competitive position in the market will demand alignment with the sales organization. Here are a few examples of strategic company-wide shifts and how to align the sales organization accordingly. 

If your business or your buying audience is shifting to adjust for economic change, ensure your sales organization can articulate the value of your solution in a way that’s relevant to those shifts. Consider a buyer-focused framework that’s proven to help sales leaders align their organizations behind company goals in a way that supports front-line revenue success.

2. Make Your Current Talent a Competitive Advantage

Do more with who you have and what you have to drive revenue. As a sales leader, look for ways to strategically motivate your team and maximize their ability to sell in a complex environment. Your salespeople will likely welcome any resources and training that will help them minimize external challenges and meet quota.

Improve your ability to hit revenue targets by ensuring you have the right foundation to make people successful in your organization. Maximize and reinforce what you have put in place to help your reps drive results. Are there previous initiatives you can amplify or provide further support around? Do you need to launch new sales methodologies or processes to align your talent behind company-wide changes?

Existing talent and recruiting bench strength are two areas that sales leaders are putting extra focus on. Many forward-thinking leaders are already reassessing their talent approach. Take a similar approach to identify any gaps and opportunities to improve your salespeople's abilities to execute the fundamentals of elite selling. Use this time to ensure you’re maximizing your talent approach and taking ownership of the process. Here are five tips to help you and your teams attract, hire and retain top sales talent.

3. Improve Business Predictability

Make sure your qualification process gets the results you need, repeatedly. Efficiency and predictability are two critical components that drive revenue resilience in a challenging selling environment. With these challenges present in nearly all sales organizations at one point or another, it’s no surprise MEDDICC continues to be a popular methodology. Improving forecast accuracy demands a disciplined focus on identifying the right business opportunities and moving them forward effectively, two things proper execution of MEDDICC can help achieve.

Sales organizations that use a strong qualification tool, like MEDDICC, and have a company culture to support it, put themselves on the fastest route to revenue predictability. If you’re looking to build a sales engine that predictably produces high-value results, ensure you have the right sales foundation in place to maximize your outcomes from a MEDDICC implementation. MEDDICC is just one piece of the sales effectiveness puzzle — understand what other pieces you can implement to ensure results. See how leaders maximize MEDDICC results with a solid sales process and a clear value message. 

Invest in Your Biggest Opportunity to Achieve Critical Benchmarks

Once you can prioritize your biggest opportunities to improve sales execution, invest in making it happen. Use our Rapid Sales Assessment to define and align behind mission-critical sales priorities. Then, lay the groundwork for launching a strategic sales initiative that sets your sales team up for success next year or even as early as next quarter.

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