Sales Leaders: What Your Top Performers are Thinking in Your Sales Kickoff Presentation

Sales Leaders: What Your Top Performers are Thinking in Your Sales Kickoff Presentation

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Many of you are prepping for your sales kickoff. We often put so much into the planning of the SKO, that sometimes we fail to give the same amount of attention to the actual presentation we will give at the event.

The sales kickoff is often the one chance sales leaders have to get the momentum going at the beginning of the fiscal year. Past quarters are over and done with and the SKO is a time to start fresh, right the course and chart the path towards increased sales productivity and revenue.

It's also the time when many of your salespeople are considering whether or not they have a future with the company, and if they should be looking for other opportunities. As you prepare your sales kickoff (SKO) presentation, make sure you're accounting for what your top performers may be thinking as they participate in the event.

The Future of Your Top Performers

In most companies, the top performers are at risk of jumping ship. They may have drained the pond in Q4. They're wondering if they can do it again. They're sick of carrying the dead weight of lower performers. And, they're weary from calling in favors for their managers who need to get a deal done by quarter's end.

When people don't have clarity on how they're a part of the future of your company, they'll make up what their path will be. And often, it doesn't include your company. At your sales kickoff, people are watching closely to see what they're signing up for next year..

You want to make sure you're going to articulate to your people how the company is:

  • helping them get better
  • getting them closer to the right buyers
  • utilizing what the marketplace, particularly your customers, are telling you about their challenges and what they'd like to see from your solution

Your top performers want to know how the company is going to help them win more than they did last year. If I'm a rep, and I can't sit in there and see that message clearly, you're going to lose me. As a sales leader, you want to make sure your message demonstrates that you understand what your reps and managers face daily and how you're working to enable them to be more successful. Here are five things you want to make sure are clearly articulated in your sales kickoff presentation:

Purpose: What is the mission of this company? Purpose answers the “WHAT” question. What is the purpose of our team? Every team is driven by something.

Passion: Passion answers the “WHY” question. Why do I believe in the purpose? Passion is the evidence of purpose.

Vision: What does the purpose look like in the future? Vision answers the “WHERE” question. Where will this purpose lead me in the future? Is it worth the journey?

Strategy: Strategy answers the “HOW” question. How will we fulfill our purpose? How will we accomplish our vision? How will we move forward?

Skills: Skills answers the “WHICH” question. Which skills are required to execute the strategy?

Remember the rule of three when it comes to your team:

  1. Someone will quit,
  2. Someone will have to be fired
  3. Someone will surprise you

Your top performers are going to be the ones who surprise you. When they leave, it's often devastating for the company. How are you going to replace that revenue?  As you prep your presentation, remember your top performers have options. You may think that they're so successful, why would they leave? The real question is why should they stay?

Make sure you have the answer.

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