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Navigating Product-Led Growth Complexities

Navigating Product-Led Growth Complexities

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Product-led growth (PLG) is driving some of the fastest growing B2B companies. While these solutions can propel organizations forward, this approach requires business leaders to make strategic decisions around what’s needed to scale that success.

On the Revenue Builders Podcast, host John McMahon and John Kaplan recently discussed product-led growth with Meagen Eisenberg, Chief Marketing Officer of TripActions, the leading corporate travel and expense management platform. They dig into the difficult decisions go-to-market (GTM) leaders are facing today, discussing product-market fit and the role of sales in driving repeatable revenue growth.


Keep Your Customer Focused on Value

Focus on a value-based sales motion to elevate the success of a product-led growth approach and scale sales revenue.

When looking to scale the success of a PLG solution it's critical that you develop a sales motion that enables your team to fight for and land larger, enterprise players. Capturing high-value business opportunities demands a focus on business value, and a sales team that can articulate that value at a high level. On the Revenue Builders podcast, Eisenberg shares,

"If you have a great product that has a high net promoter score (NPS) and can drive volume at the self-serve level, that's great. But you still have to fight in the market for the larger, enterprise players. Develop both a great product and a sales motion that enables you to land larger players. What's your value proposition? What business pains do you solve for your buyers?"

For mid-market and enterprise-level leaders, investing in and implementing a new solution requires heavy resources and funding. These buyers don't hastily go out and purchase something, some even use their funds to create their own tools internally. Consider your own company's buying process and the complexities faced in your own organization when launching something new. Flip the script, and ensure you are equipping your sales organization with the ability to make an impact on high-level buyers. 

In mid-market and enterprise-level conversations, the buying process becomes increasingly complex. Your sellers are navigating deals with multiple stakeholders, often trying to replace a current solution or sell against their buyer's inclination to build a product or service in-house.

If your sales reps aren’t equipped to draw out big business pains and align your solution’s value to them, your reps will fall short and miss out on high-value accounts or leave money on the table. Enable your sales organization to uncover business pains that will be urgent enough to get a high-level buyer to demand a new solution and discretionary funding.

Focus your salespeople on executing a buyer-focused professional service motion that enables them to be competitive and increase wins at the mid-market and enterprise levels. Start by generating alignment around what's important to your buyer. You
may find value in what Segment implemented to support their sales team in increasing annual recurring revenue by 150%. Segment’s journey addresses many challenges companies face when looking to scale PLG success and support their go-to-market approach with a value-based sales motion.

Three Ways to Scale Sales Growth

As with anything in high-tech B2B sales and business, change is constant. On the Revenue Builders Podcast, one of John McMahon and John Kaplan’s goals is to help listeners stay up-to-date and educate themselves on business trends, like the evolution of product-led growth.

As you continue to stay focused on what’s needed to drive success in your market and enable a resilient sales team, use insight from next-level revenue builders. In this guide, we share insight from the Revenue Builders podcast, highlighting three areas to focus on to accelerate front-line results and power sales transformation. Take a look and see what strategies are worth incorporating into your current initiatives.

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