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Categories: Talent Management

Drive a Better Sales Hiring Process as You Scale

(This blog was originally posted on OpenView Sales Lab's blog. Read the original post here) As a sales manager at a startup or expansion-stage company, one of your most important responsibilities is developing and maintaining a healthy pipeline of incoming sales talent. Getting caught short-staffed at the wrong moment can be detrimental to your company’s momentum and growth. Worse, making a mistake and bringing on a single bad hire in a key position can set your company back by years.

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Blog Feature

Categories: Talent Management

How to Build a Success Profile for New Hires

(This blog was originally posted on OpenView Sales Lab's blog. Read the original post here) When it comes to sales hiring, many managers may be basing their decisions too closely on how candidates have succeeded elsewhere, when they should be focusing on identifying strong indicators of success on their own teams. Past performance in a different context almost always comes with caveats. Managers are better off determining exactly what it takes to be successful at their own companies, isolating the individual competencies and behaviors of their own top performers, and then looking for those things in new candidates.

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