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Win-Loss Themes: What "Your Price is Too High" Really Means

This blog contains content from originally from Clozd. We're excited to announce that our very own Tim Caito, Senior Partner at Force Managment, will be taking part of Clozd's #winlossweek, the largest online event dedicated to win-loss analysis. The free conference runs from Sept. 15-17, you can register here. Mark your calendar to join Tim for a conversation on September 17th as he discusses how to build an organizational competency around winning the deals you want to win and avoiding the ones you shouldn't pursue. When a B2B deal goes south, the most common reason initially identified by both buyers and vendors is price. Of course, price runs through every decision, and no one loves shelling out cash. Unless probed further, the buyer may simply use the statement "the price is too high" to summarize his or her overall dissatisfaction with the vendor’s value offering.

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