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Categories: MEDDICC  |  Sales Process  |  Sales Qualification

How To Ensure Your Sales Qualification Process is Making a Difference

You've got a sales qualification process in your organization. You feel like it should be making a difference. However, you feel like it still may have room for improvement. We've been there and we've talked to sales leaders just like you who have felt the same way. Here are some areas we encourage them to focus on to ensure their sales qualification process is making a difference.

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Categories: MEDDICC  |  Sales Coaching Tools  |  Sales Process

Strike A Balance – Align to the Buyer Without Losing Control of Your Deal

Every customer loves to be led, if you take them to a place they can’t get to on their own. Many salespeople understand the importance of aligning their sales process with the buyer, but often struggle with maintaining control of the sale. These two concepts, aligning to the buyer and facilitating the sale, are not mutually exclusive. The least effective sales are those where the rep and the client are fighting for the steering wheel. A driven, goal-oriented sale occurs when a seller establishes a partnership where both parties learn and benefit from one another.

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Categories: MEDDICC  |  Sales Process

Why is Qualification So Important to Your Sales Process?

Any great sales process provides consistently enforced qualification criteria. These measures help your sales team ensure that any sales opportunity warrants your investment of time and resources. Why is qualification so important? It’s important to both the buyer and the seller. Here’s why:

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