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Categories: Sales Leadership  |  Sales Messaging

Four Key Sales Areas Where Great Organizations Take No Shortcuts

True alignment that drives predictable revenue means NO SHORTCUTS. No shortcuts on defining the problems your organization solves and how you solve them. No shortcuts on the steps you take to align behind your customer’s decision-making process. Very few buyers take shortcuts on the buying side, so great sales organizations can’t afford to take shortcuts on the sales side.

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Sales Negotiation

Five Essential Questions That Drive Success with Professional Buyers

For most sellers, their negotiation experience comes from a personal frame of reference. If their experience has been that negotiations is tactical and they’ve traditionally included procurement at the end of the deal, that’s probably how they’ll continue to approach professional buyers within the sales process.   

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Digging Deep Creating the Right Questions Flow for Effective Discovery

Enable your sales team to uncover business pain.

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Categories: Sales Leadership  |  Sales Negotiation  |  Sales Process

Four Ways Sales Leaders Can Improve Their Negotiation and Sales Process Strategy

A great sales process should include a great negotiation strategy - one that helps professional buyers fully understand the value and differentiation of each option.  And one that helps them make the best decisions for their company.  As a sales leader, you need to enable your team to prove the fit and justify the value of your offering in a way that allows you to preserve margin and charge a premium for your product and services.

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Categories: B2B Buyer  |  Sales Negotiation  |  sales challenges

Six Truths About Professional Buyers That Will Help Your Sales Team Negotiate Great Deals

Despite what many of your sellers may believe, procurement is not where good sales deals go to die. A shift in your team’s mindset about when and how to communicate with professional buyers can increase opportunities and create great deals.  As a sales leader, your negotiation strategy should help your sellers communicate the value of your offering and mitigate risk for the buyer. These six truths can help your sellers demystify the professional buyer and understand how to successfully work with procurement to negotiate winning deals:

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Categories: Sales Leadership  |  Sales Messaging  |  Talent Management

The Four Critical Elements that Sales Leaders Align to Drive Revenue Growth

There is a sales motion in every organization that drives sales productivity and ultimately, accelerated revenue growth. When you see companies that are outpacing their competition, it’s because they’ve defined a consistent sales motion and have aligned their functional areas behind it.  

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Categories: Talent Management

Building Your 'A' Team

  Often times, your best sales hires come from a group known as the 'not in play players'.  A 'not in play player' is an individual who is currently employed at another organization, and may not be actively looking for a job. They may be the perfect addition to your team.  If you can find them and engage them, then you could persuade them to join you. There are specific steps that you can follow to find and attract a "not in play player.'  While these steps won’t ensure that you’ll always land the best candidate in the market, they will ensure that you’re improving your chances for success.

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