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Worth the Read: Three Links to Improve Your Sales Organization

Today I’m sharing three posts that got my attention in the blogosphere. When it comes to improving your sales organization, who doesn’t love a good list to get you thinking? And, Oracle’s problem in sales execution (outlined below) is something I’ve seen with hundreds of clients. A sales execution problem centers on management’s operating rhythm. I’ve added my own thoughts to these posts. Let me know yours in the comment section below.

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Categories: Industry Insight  |  sales challenges

Worth the Read: Improving Sales Performance

If you want to improve your sales performance and increase your revenue, there are a lot of experts out there that will tell you how to do it.  If you Google “sales analysts,” you’ll be flooded with insights and white papers. There’s a lot of noise out there in this arena. Today, I’m breaking through the clutter and sharing some of the recent insight that caught my attention in my own RSS feeds.  I disagree with some of the points. Others I think are right on target. 

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Digging Deep Creating the Right Questions Flow for Effective Discovery

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Categories: Industry Insight

Worth the Read: Sales Solutions from Venture Capitalists

There are many organizations backed by venture capitalists that are clamoring to be leaders in their respective industry. We’ve worked with many in the high-tech space. Whether it’s articulating value and differentiation, hiring top sales talent or implementing an effective sales process, start-ups have unique challenges. As the driving force behind these new businesses, venture capitalist firms are looking to create consistency, build on best-practices and drive results for their investments.

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