Opportunity Manager® Salesforce Integration

A turnkey plug-in for integrating Force Management methodologies and deliverables into Salesforce.

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    Integration That Powers Adoption

    Force Management customers using Command of the Message® and MEDDICC (+variants) can leverage the power of their engagements within their Salesforce CRM. By providing sales teams with access to the FM solutions in Salesforce (where reps spend most of their time), you can:

    • Ensure consistent application of the methodology across the entire sales organization
    • Gain line-of-sight into the adoption and application of the methodologies, making it simpler to prove ROI
    • Help sellers assess their position within active opportunities with an integration that provides a Guided Assessment tool, right in SFDC
    • Give managers a starting point to help sellers develop and implement effective sales qualification and negotiation strategies

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Opportunity Manager® FAQs

    We've compiled common questions from our customers that might be helpful to you.

    • Does the Opportunity Manager® work in both Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning?
    • How does your interface work with custom fields and legacy data?
    • Does Opportunity Manager® work for interested parties who are not Force Management customers?
    • Is Opportunity Manager® available to long-standing Force Management customers?
    • We already use Ascender®. How does this integration work in conjunction with the services we access in Ascender?

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    Consistent Application

    Consistent Application

    Across your sales organization

    Opportunity Manager® was built to help drive ongoing adoption, reduce time-to-productivity (at all levels) and scale the success of the sales transformation. With the integration, you gain the ability to:

    • Reduce the burden and cost of implementing the methodologies into your SFDC instance
    • Provide visibility into the organizational adoption and execution of the methodologies
    • Drive daily sales impact through collaboration and cross-functional engagement with the core methodologies
    • Improve your sellers' ability to retain and manage historical account data to then leverage for renewal management, cross-sells, up-sells, etc.
    • Support the probability of success in these areas; win rate percentage, average sales price, and margins

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    Virtual Opportunity Coaching Tool

    Feature Spotlight

    Guided Assessments & Coaching

    Integration into SFDC’s opportunity records allows sellers to capture the outputs of key customer conversations. The plug-in provides built-in Guided Assessments that reps and managers can take to effectively qualify opportunities and build strategic sales and negotiation strategies. How it works:

    • Reps populate customer-specific Value Framework and MEDDICC content into the opportunity record, which can be pulled into any Guided Assessment a rep takes
    • Reps define how well methodologies and criteria are being identified and applied within each account, based on the Guided Assessment results
    • Managers and reps can review the Guided Assessment results and build qualification and negotiation strategies accordingly

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