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Marco Davi

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Categories: Sales Messaging  |  Sales Transformation

A Sales Enablement Perspective: Enabling Command of the Message®

Marco Davi is a sales enablement professional with 15 years' experience in high-growth companies. He has worked with Force Management on our Command of the Message®  offering, implementing the program with a global sales force. Marco was responsible for the rollout in the UK office which included about 100 people.  He is also a certified facilitator of the program having participated in our training certification program.  Introducing and rolling out Command of the Message (CoM) in an organization is a major step in improving the overall sales strategy. As a sales enablement leader, I have seen and implemented my share of training programs. However, in my experience, Command of the Message is different than other off-the-shelf-type offerings because of its customization, particularly around the products and/or services that you sell. This customization is what creates immediate impact and provides sales reps with something they can use directly after attending the in-person training session.

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