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Shelby Bock

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Categories: Economic Change

5 Areas of Focus for Your SKO in the Current Economy

Changing dynamics in the economy may demand a strategic pivot for how you reach revenue goals in your sales organization. The challenge becomes identifying which priorities are most critical to devote resources to. Define where to focus and align your organization behind a message that delivers on those objectives. Take action. Leverage your sales kickoff. The sales kickoff is a prime opportunity to reignite morale, reinforce core methodologies and train your team on core actions that have the greatest potential to impact revenue. In a recent conversation, Force Management Managing Director, Brian Walsh, outlined five mission-critical areas of focus for your next SKO. See how your action in one or more of these areas can prepare your sales organization to successfully move through a challenging environment and hit revenue targets.

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Blog Feature

Categories: Podcasts

July Podcast Recap: Leading Through Adversity

Overcoming adversity is part of getting to the next level in your leadership career. This month's Revenue Builder's guests dig into the adversities they've faced and share valuable advice for those leading through challenging circumstances. Whether you're faced with hard-to-coach teams or tasked with defining a strategy to help your entire organization sell through ongoing external complexities, dig in. Review this week's epsidoes for advice you can leverage to take action and define the plan to drive revenue results. Listen to the Revenue Builders podcast on your favorite podcast player, so you can easily download, listen and share.

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