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Categories: Company Alignment  |  Sales Messaging  |  Sales Qualification

How to Enable Your Sales Team to Execute at the Buyer-Level

The fastest path to improving sales results is to effectively translate the business strategy into execution, at the critical point of sale. Your salespeople need to be equipped to act in a way that's focused on nothing but the buyer. That focus is the key to enabling your sales team to execute repeatedly at the buyer-level.

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Categories: Sales Process  |  Sales Qualification

Why Your Qualification Process Isn't Working

I spend a lot of time on the road meeting with sales leaders and because of what I do, we’re often talking about improving sales productivity. Inevitably, the topic of qualification comes up in conversation. So many organizations struggle with defining this process and then getting people to follow it once it’s implemented. 

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Categories: Sales Qualification  |  Talent Management

How Do You Hire Elite Salespeople?

Very often in our engagements, our customers ask us to comment on their people. They ask questions like, “What do you think of our people?” and “Do you think we have the right people?”. These are very common questions. Before I answer these questions about anybody’s people, I like to dig in a little further. I always ask them to tell me, “How do you define success in this or that role?”. It's amazing how many people struggle to give me a measurable answer to this question. A lot of people tell me things like, “They have to be smart”; “They have to have grit”; and my all-time favorite, “They have to have it".

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Categories: Sales Messaging  |  Sales Planning  |  Sales Qualification

How the Subscription Economy Is Changing the Sales Process

Part 3 of 3 In the first blog post of this series, The Subscription Economy: What It Is and How It’s Changing The Way People Buy, we asked Zuora’s VP of Worldwide Sales Strategy and Execution, Dave Frechette, to introduce the concept of The Subscription Economy - the move from traditional pay-per-product/service models to subscription-based Software as a Service (SaaS) models. In the second post, How the Subscription Economy is Driving a New Kind of Business Model, we pulled notes from our conversation with Dave to highlight four essential areas of business operations that are changing in response to the Subscription Economy. In this third and final post of the series, we’ll discuss one of the most important changes brought about by the shift toward subscription-based businesses – How subscription-based sales models are driving changes to the sales process.

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